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Mrs. Sheetal Bhalerao, Chairman and Managing Director, Warwizard Food & Beverages Limited

Sheetal Bhalerao, a young and dynamic businesswoman, is the Chairman and Managing Director of Wardwizard Food & Beverages Limited, a company specialising in frozen foods, ready-to-eat foods, aerated drinks, soft drinks, and drinking water. During her tenure with the company, Sheetal has effectively led Wardwizard in a multitude of verticals and endeavours. She is primarily responsible for developing and executing the business strategy for the company, organising cost-effective operations and marketing initiatives, and fostering and enhancing company culture, while ensuring a positive work environment.

She also oversees the company’s business operations, financial performance, investments, and other business ventures, as well as the development of long-term, trusting relationships with shareholders and business partners. Sheetal also supervises the performance of management, offering direction and inspiration to encourage maximum efficiency.

One can see a rising trend in the global corporate world in which female entrepreneurs are successfully embracing ownership and revamping the business environment, and one name that has recently gained prominence is Sheetal Bhalerao. She is a visionary and purpose-driven entrepreneur who firmly believes in uplifting society and making a difference, and Wardwizard Food & Beverages is one of her initiatives.

She embraces the vision of the company, which is to “Empower enterprises for prosperity.” Recently, the company acquired Safpro and Yeppy foods and by the end of this fiscal year, their target is to open 250 company outlets pan-India. With their ready-to-eat product selection and an assortment of sauces, she believes that the company’s presence will also be greatly felt at India’s retail establishments. Her dedication to developing products will revolutionise the food and beverage industry further without compromising the health of customers.

Prior to entering the food industry, she joined Wardwizard Mobility & Innovation Limited in March 2021 as Chief Operating Officer. Under her leadership, the enterprise was transformed from a regional to a national electric vehicle brand in a short period of time. She is one of the prominent individuals who has proven her value in the automobile industry through her premium knowledge and unique ideas. Her contribution and women empowerment acquired her the Times Applaud Trendsetter award for 2022. Sheetal has over 18 years of industry experience and has held positions such as COO at Wardwizard Innovations & Mobility Ltd. and CEO at Wardwizard Foods and Beverages Ltd., and Account and Finance Director at JZ Hospitality.

Additionally, she has worked on projects for the Australian government for more than 5 years. The initiative was focused on lowering carbon footprints and saving energy, particularly in South Australia. She had the chance to promote a greener future while working on this initiative. It had a favourable effect on the safety, comfort, and health of the citizens, higher productivity of the tenants as well as energy optimisation and consumption reduction.

She is a Vadodara, Gujarat-based entrepreneur with an MBA in Organizational Management and an alumnus of the University of South Australia. Over the years, Sheetal has excelled in a variety of managerial roles. She has a keen learning and developing discipline, which is an inbuilt quality that she maintains even as a businesswoman. She trusts that a team’s motivation and inspiration will determine how much a leader can accomplish and that only teamwork is paramount to achieving the best results. In her spare time, Sheetal enjoys listening to music and spending time with her family.

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