4 Young Entrepreneurs leaders who rule the India’s startup ecosystem

Young entrepreneurs play a crucial role in inspiring the next generation and speeding up the economic growth of any nation. Entrepreneurship is a life-changing skill that paves the road for transformation. Ambitious business owners not only establish profitable enterprises but also significantly increase a nation’s overall revenue. They frequently struggle with obtaining funding, hiring the right people, and increasing their success rate, but none of these obstacles prevent these business owners from achieving significant success.

India is fortunate to have experienced a significant increase in the number of young entrepreneurs, which has enhanced the start-up ecosystem and made room for an increasing number of employment-generating businesses. This change has had a significant impact on social change and increased workforce productivity.

We have compiled a list of successful Young entrepreneurs who’ve made a mark in India’s startup ecosystem:-

Karmesh Gupta-WiJungle:-
In October 2014, WiJungle was introduced by Karmesh Gupta. With the use of this Gurugram-based network security platform, businesses can enhance and safeguard every aspect of their network through a single interface. the jungle is currently serving the government and private businesses across various verticals including hospitality, healthcare, education, defense, transportation, retail, BFSI, and ITES, among others across pan India. The business claims to have served more than 1500 customers and to have mitigated over three billion cyber threats. Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Chennai are the cities where it is gaining the most popularity. The platform primarily targets businesses with annual revenues under $1 billion.

Kunal Gupta- EMotorad:-
EMotorad is led by Kunal Gupta, CEO and Key Decision Maker who has been the COO of a leading start-up in the mobility industry in the past. Kunal, an expert in building brands has been a mentor and leader at various organizations in the past. His management and business intelligence is the key to setting up this organization from ground zero. Kunal with other 3 Co-founders started EMotorad in 2020. EMotorad (EM) is an electric vehicle company that strives to bring eco-friendly, futuristic e-bikes at an affordable price for adventure seekers, daily commuters, or casual riders. The EV startup aims to bring across premium quality electric cycles at an affordable price, utilizing its local sourcing and manufacturing capabilities in India.

Vikas Bharati-PlanEdu:-
Mr. Vikas Bharati is the CEO of PlanEdu and TedrooX Technologies, a serial entrepreneur who was educated at a military school hostel and comes from a family of military personnel. He has the brain of an educator, the soul of a visionary, and the body of a dream achiever. Vikas is a visionary, motivational speaker, angel investor, and counselor for higher education and careers.PlanEdu was based on the idea that every child deserves the right help at the right time to realize their full potential and aspire to be in a position where they could be valued professionally.

Umesh Kumar-SunCrypto:-
Young entrepreneur and crypto and blockchain expert Umesh Kumar He is the CEO and founder of SunCrypto, an Indian cryptocurrency exchange based in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Since its inception in July 2021, SunCrypto has quickly amassed a user base of more than eight lakh registered and active crypto traders and investors.
SunCrypto provides its customers with the facility of “Quick Trade,” which means that orders placed at the current or anticipated market price are instantly matched and executed. The cryptocurrency market is a volatile one.

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