5 Astrotech organizations to Watch in 2024

In today’s fast-paced digital era, these pioneering astrotech, faithtech, and spiritual tech companies are going beyond traditional online services, introducing unique offerings that seamlessly blend spirituality with cutting-edge advancements. From AI-driven astrology platforms to personalized spiritual guidance apps, these startups are revolutionizing how people connect with and derive value from spiritual practices. Join us as we explore five trailblazing startups at the forefront of astrotech and spiritual tech, each shaping the future with transformative and insightful offerings.

Astroyogi –

Astroyogi has significantly disrupted the astrology industry by integrating advanced technology with traditional practices. It began by launching an automated kundali generator, followed by creating the first marketplace for astrologers, providing online readings through industry stalwarts like Sanjay Jumaani. Astroyogi represents the convergence of tradition and technology, pushing the boundaries of the FaithTech industry. By offering a wide range of certified astrological services through a user-friendly platform, Astroyogi is shaping the future of astrotech with a commitment to excellence and innovation.

My Pandit-

MyPandit is an innovative app-based platform at the forefront of the FaithTech movement, providing astrology predictions and consultancy services. This spiritual tech startup seamlessly integrates traditional astrological practices with modern technology, offering users a unique and personalized experience. By leveraging technology to enhance traditional spiritual practices, MyPandit is pushing the boundaries of the FaithTech industry, making spiritual guidance more accessible, personalized, and convenient for users worldwide.

Taarka –

Founded by a visionary Mumbai-based astrotech startup, Taaraka is revolutionizing the way consumers access astrology services through its innovative ‘self-discovery app.’ This cutting-edge platform blends ancient astrological wisdom with modern AI technology, offering users a unique and transformative experience.

As a leading player in the FaithTech industry, Taaraka is pushing the boundaries of spiritual technology, making ancient astrological practices more accessible, accurate, and relevant for today’s digital age.


Founded by Pundit Punit Pandey in 2000, Astro Sage addresses the need for trustworthy online astrology with genuine and accurate astrological analysis. As a pioneer in the FaithTech industry, Astro Sage combines traditional wisdom with modern technology to provide a comprehensive suite of spiritual services. Astro Sage exemplifies the fusion of tradition and technology, pushing the boundaries of the astrotech industry. By offering a broad array of reliable and accessible spiritual services, Astro Sage is at the forefront of shaping the future of FaithTech, ensuring users receive accurate and trustworthy guidance.


Founded in 2017 by Puneet Gupta and Anmol Jain, New Delhi-based AstroTalk is transforming the landscape of astrology with its comprehensive FaithTech platform. AstroTalk seamlessly integrates both Indian and Western astrology to provide insightful predictions and personalized advice. AstroTalk exemplifies the convergence of tradition and technology, pushing the boundaries of the FaithTech industry. By offering a wide array of accessible and authentic spiritual services, AstroTalk is shaping the future of astrotech, ensuring users receive reliable and personalized guidance.

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