Aaiena launches virtual shops for boosting the retail industry amidst lockdown

Aaiena launches virtual shops for boosting the retail industry amidst lockdown

This home grown AI and AR led tech company, Aaiena, solving sizing and body measurement issues launched the virtual shops feature through their platform to support SME retailers make a living and recover their losses when the entire retail industry was disrupted due to lockdown.

The start-ups and SMEs had hardly recovered from their previous year’s financial losses when they were forced to shut their business again due to the surge in the second coronavirus wave. But at the same time these small scale businessmen had to fulfil their commercial liabilities and pay for store maintenance, rent, and other expenses when they had no income.

At such a crucial time, Aaiena’s virtual shop feature imparted a ray of hope for businesses. On one hand where retailers couldn’t sell their products offline, the virtual shops enabled them to enhance their visibility amongst the audience. Aaiena enjoying a user base of over 12K + provides the retailers with credible options to promote their business.

The trial and earn initiative under the virtual shops gives SMEs an opportunity to earn some passive income without selling their store clothes. This becomes possible with the help of a Virtual store where customers get the best fitting of the product with the help of their body measurements, which is a safe and secure process, ensuring credibility for both retailers and customers.

The entire virtual shop is developed with the sole purpose to make the retailer experience better. Specializing in tech based lifestyle and habitation solutions, Aaiena with the help of social media connectivity provides retailers with customer’s interests, purchases, and queries to help themes improve their services with better insights.

With the motive to ensure overall retailer welfare, the platform generates a monthly report to scale the business progress. Unlike any other reports, it skims through monthly progress made by the retailers with online customer footfalls. This adds on to the productivity of retailers by reducing the time and energy wasted in maintaining the expenses record.

To close the deal with cherry on the top, the free promotional ads on different websites and AAIENAs social media aids SMEs in uplifting their businesses.

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