AcneStar face wash collaborates with music streaming platforms

AcneStar face wash collaborates with music streaming platforms

AcneStar face wash from the house of Mankind Pharma has collaborated with leading music streaming platform for its latest ad campaign. The brand has collaborated with Gaana, Wynk, Spotify and Saavan to engage with music lovers from different demographics and create high recall value for the brand.

The new campaign is based on the #ThankYouHaters campaign, which was rolled out last year to fight against the rise in online trolling on social media. The brand received a tremendous response on the campaign- the audience has loved the song and has shown interest to listen to it on a repeat mode. The campaign caters to Indian music lovers who enjoy exploring new music.

The brand has come up with this campaign, keeping in mind the current situation and growing popularity of audio streaming platforms. This will help the brand to create high recall value amongst the people who are multi-tasking, switching between household chores and professional engagements, to the sound of music.

In a month-long campaign, the brand has collaborated with leading music streaming platforms and has roped in 50 influencers from different demographics to engage including Hashneen Chuahan, Sanjana Singh, Shezali Sharma, Rehmat Rattan and more. There is a mix of influencers who are well known for their lips sync, transition and dancing videos.

Talking about the campaign, Mr. Joy Chatterjee, General Manager, Sales & Marketing, Mankind Pharma, “Recoiled out of every day drives, music has now arisen as the favoured stress buster for the large numbers people who are working from home and playing a therapeutic role for these multi-tasking times. We are all well observed with the fact that individuals prefer to stay active on audio platforms while relaxing, sleeping or other activities. Audio streaming’s have grown to 30-40% in India in 2020-21 and with the rise of internet connection there has been a rise of regional language music which now contributes 39% of all streams.”

AcneStar is an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial face wash that fights with the biggest enemy of skin that is acne and pimples and gives a beautiful clear skin, free from acne.

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