Ānanda – A Solo Exhibition by Sunayana Malhotra

Ānanda - A Solo Exhibition by Sunayana MalhotraArtist Sunayana Malhotra invites art enthusiasts to explore her latest solo exhibition, “Ānanda,” a captivating showcase of paintings inspired by the ephemeral beauty of lotuses. The exhibition will run from 27th June  until 30th June 2024 at Visual Art Gallery India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110003, offering a unique blend of nature, spirituality, and artistic expression.

The exhibition title, “Ānanda,” is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘bliss,’ ‘joy,’ or ‘happiness.’ It signifies a state of profound, transcendent happiness often linked to spiritual realization and deep contentment. Central to Indian philosophies and spiritual traditions, Ānanda represents ultimate well-being and inner peace.

For Sunayana Malhotra, “Ānanda” is more than a concept; it is a transformative journey of the soul through spiritual practice. Her artistic language explores life’s fragility and resilience, guiding viewers through the intricate layers of the human psyche and the vast cosmos. Her work delves into identity, perception, reality, and dreams, revealing how these elements are shaped by intrinsic attributes and the ever-changing external environment.

Sunayana’s deeply personal paintings exude mystery, with shapes and patterns emerging from layered canvases. The canvas becomes a dynamic space where forms resonate, expand, and dissolve. Each layer and motif requires time to be fully appreciated, inviting viewers to uncover their own interpretations. Sunayana finds immense joy in this interactive process, believing that her role as an artist is complete once the piece is finished. The conversation then shifts to the viewer and the artwork, revealing the true beauty of her creations.

To Sunayana, lotuses are more than just picturesque; they embody symbolic beauty and mythological significance. Her obsession with lotuses drives her to use every artistic tool at her disposal. Her works, dominated by vibrant hues, evoke a harmonious relationship between humanity and nature, inspired by prosperity and beauty. The transient movement in her paintings captures the dance of cosmic energies and symbols, immersing viewers in a meditative experience.

Experience the exploration of happiness and spiritual depth through Sunayana Malhotra’s solo exhibition, “Ānanda.” Join us at Visual Art Gallery India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110003   from 27 June until 30 June 2024 to discover this extraordinary collection.

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