Anjali Batra and Shuchir Suri from Food Talk India Present Gin Explorers Club 4.0

Anjali Batra and Shuchir Suri from Food Talk India Present Gin Explorers Club 4.0

New Delhi, 4th April 2022– India’s largest celebration of Gin, the Gin Explorer’s Club curated by Food Talk India, marks a profound platform to showcase a fantabulous gin experience. It is a vivid canvas for multifaceted Gin brands that carry their own soul and personality and the perfect way to discover the world’s best Gins. It also features interactive experiences, scrumptious meals and music, painting the town in a beautiful masterpiece of memories.

Like all great things, the Gin Explorer’s Club also began as an experiment in 2017, when Anjali Batra, CMO, of Food Talk India, and her team saw a rising interest and curiosity surrounding the spirit. Batra, an avid traveller, gin drinker and collector of the spirit throughout her escapades, found herself scribbling “Gin Explorer’s Club” in her diary on one of her trips. The idea was simple, create an experience that would kickstart a gin-versation in the community and get people to interact with, sip, experience and explore various Gin brands. The following year, Gin Explorer’s Club was born. The team brought Delhi’s first-ever Gin Festival in 2017, with a guest list of 50 people invited to an evening of tasting Gin and little did they know the incredible Gin journey they had in store!

An immersive experience bringing multiple Gin brands, eateries, music and more—all under a single roof, the first edition of Gin Explorer’s Club in 2018 saw seven Gin brands with 4000 attendees at the festival. The second edit in 2019 showcased nine Gin brands, with an increased attendee count at 10,000. The third edition in 2020 garnered 12 brands onboard and over 15,000 attendees. With the festival growing every year, Gin Explorer’s Club can now proudly claim to be India’s biggest Gin Festival. Marking milestones and the festival growing exponentially, the team also grew from a 6 to 20 employee unit.

An increase in the number of Gin consumers in the country put India on the map as one of the three fastest-growing markets in the Gin consumption space—nothing was stopping the festival’s momentum. A surge in the Gin category also saw more homegrown labels hitting the Indian market. Goa single-handedly saw over ten local brands coming up, which at the time of inception of Gin Explorer’s Club was only a single brand – Greater Than. Apart from homegrown brands, there has also been a rise in new global brands along with global and homegrown tonic brands being available in the country.

Talking about the love the festival has received, Anjali Batra, co-founder, says, “The festival started as an experiment, but now it’s something that the city is constantly waiting for. We sell out tickets much in advance and see people not only come for one day but come back for both days with a new set of friends. We went from seeing familiar faces to an ever-growing sea of new faces and new Gin lovers, but the most significant change, people that now come in, are not wondering what Gin is – it’s now a well-known spirit. So the audience is aware, educated and excited to try new things.”

Shuchir Suri, founder of Jade Forest & Food Talk India and co-founder of Gin Explorer’s Club, describes the concept and growth of the festival and says, “When you visit a bar, you are limited with trying the few brands they serve, or you have to go to a retail outlet and invest into buying an entire bottle. At GEC, you can try over 13 different brands at a great price and find the next brand you want to have proudly sitting at your bar. We’ve seen the festival grow from a single city IP to 4 cities by the end of this year – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Goa. What’s exciting is that Gin is a spirit for everyone—vodka drinkers, whiskey drinkers, beer drinkers—everyone likes to try and explore different Gins no matter what their “Spirit of choice is” GEC is that place where you enjoy a little exploration.”

Like many homegrown and small businesses, Gin Explorer’s Club also faced setbacks amidst COVID-19, but the team didn’t back down. The brand pivoted to grow as a gin lover’s community and a product-led platform as they creatively replaced the event with GEC products reaching people at the comfort of their homes across the country.

Today, the Gin Explorer’s Club has completed three successful editions and has doubled from seven Gin brands at the first pop-up festival to sixteen brands at the forthcoming event. The club has seen global brands enter India, homegrown brands develop – and continues to follow its motto, “Make India fall in love with Gin”.

Three years from now, Gin Explorer’s Club strives to turn into an annual property amidst four cities in India marked on people’s calendars and go global with pop-ups to other countries such as London, Singapore, Australia and more!

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