Apna unveils Apna India film: Celebrates a Year of AI Powered milestones bridging Freedom and Innovation

New Delhi, 14 August 2023: In a world where AI promises to revolutionize our future, Apna – India’s leading jobs and professional networking platform today unveiled a film “Apna India.” More than a celebration of technological progress, this film highlights that ‘Apna India’ (AI) reflects the county’s present-day vibrancy and milestones. Ahead of the 76th Independence Day of India, Apna India offers a retrospective outlook at India’s defining moments in the past one year.

The film touches upon India’s audacious leap towards a new moon mission, to the relentless pursuit of becoming a global superpower, “Apna India” highlights how ‘AI’ resonates with the aspirations of individuals. It bridges divides, uniting us in our diversity, and fuels the nation’s dreams by soaring through FIFA World qualifiers and the triumph on another Oscar win. With a focus on empowering job seekers, the film aims to become a beacon of hope for job seekers, helping them realize their dream careers. It celebrates a world where independence and innovation converge.

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