Aprecomm Sets Sights on Latin America After ACT Fibernet Investment: Announces Partnership with OpenGlobe

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Bengaluru, July 3, 2024: Fresh off a strategic investment from ACT Fibernet, Aprecomm, the Indian Telco SaaS leader, is now setting its sights on expansion in the Latin American market. To propel this foray, Aprecomm has joined forces with OpenGlobe, a leading provider of telecommunications solutions in the region.

Targeting a high-growth market that currently has over 111 million fixed broadband households, the partnership synergizes OpenGlobe’s extensive relationships with communications service providers and government bodies with Aprecomm’s expertise in enhancing the connected consumer experience by creating self-healing and self-optimizing networks. The strategic alliance will allow both companies to extend their influence in the market for consumer telecom and enterprise solutions and bring service providers a unique product portfolio that is field-proven to increase subscriber satisfaction and reduce operational costs.

“We are thrilled to welcome OpenGlobe as our channel partner. OpenGlobe shares our vision of leveraging technology to drive business efficiency and innovation, and this partnership will draw on our combined strengths to target a high-growth region,” said Pramod Gummaraj, CEO of Aprecomm. “This collaboration extends our global footprint and empowers broadband service providers and government agencies to provide more comprehensive and impactful wireless solutions to their customers,” he added.

“We are excited to partner with Aprecomm to bring their state-of-the-art network analytics and automation solutions to our customers,” said Victor Fernando Proscurchin, CEO of OpenGlobe. “OpenGlobe’s mission is to tackle challenges with cutting-edge technologies. We believe Aprecomm’s AI-powered solution will significantly enhance value for ISPs by optimizing large-scale network management, cutting costs, reducing churn, and improving user experience.”

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