ARCH hosts a discussion on the ‘Real Nuance of Designing’

Jaipur,  January 2023: ARCH College of Design and Business today hosted an engrossing session on ‘Real Nuance of Designing’ for their students. Archana Surana, Founder and Director, of ARCH along with Lakshmi N. Menon, a popular designer, and social entrepreneur, and Ritu Jain, owner, of Paperdom, and co-founder, of YUVA Unstoppable, expressed their candid views before the students.

While talking about designing, women entrepreneurs discussed the importance of social design and shared the experience of their entrepreneurial journey with them. Lakshmi N. Menon, who also runs the Cochin-based ‘Pure Living’, said, “Design thinking supported me get my livelihood. We always strive for perfection while designing, but the design should be about how it works, not how it looks.”
Archana Surana, expressing her agreement said, “Chekkutty Dolls style takes a different approach to look at scars rather when it comes to designing. It gives new perspectives on design, design thinking, and design practice to new designers.”
Sharing her experience, Ritu shared her inspiration behind her venture that she aimed to change the common man’s perception of paper and the ways they use paper. Ritu is an IIT Bombay alumni who created two types of paper. The first is made with textile waste, specifically excess cotton rags obtained from tailors and textile factories while the second type of paper is made from discarded banana fiber.

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