Arthan to organize Fireside Chat on Data Talent for Social Good

Arthan to organize Fireside Chat on Data Talent for Social Good

Delhi, 27/9/22: Arthan, a social enterprise, is set to organize a Fireside Chat on Data Talent for Social Good on 28th September 2022 from 4:00 PM to 4:45 PM (IST). Satyam Vyas, Founder / CEO of Arthan and Climate Asia, will be talking with Priyank Hirani, Associate Director, Capacity Accelerator Network, at
Sharing further details about this initiative, Satyam Vyas, Founder & CEO, Arthan, said, “We live in a data-driven world where analytics and deeper understanding of insights locked-in data can help transform the operational capabilities of social enterprises. By creating a data-driven workforce that can leverage data as the foundational evaluation tool in the arena, we can overcome various challenges such as climate change, social inequality, poverty, and lack of diversity. This Fireside Chat is one of the several initiatives that Arthan has been undertaking from time to time to help achieve the desired social impact.”

Expressing his thoughts about the upcoming Fireside Chat, Priyank Hirani, Associate Director, Capacity Accelerator Network,, said, “Data holds the key to the future, and in the digitized world of our times, there is an urgent need to create data-driven practices and integrate technology-led solutions. However, to make that happen, we need to create a large pool of purpose-driven data professionals and help them find meaningful career pathways in the millions of data talent roles that will emerge across the social impact sector within the next decade. This Fireside Chat will present funders, academic institutes, and non-profits understand what role they can play in building this data talent pool, as well as present listeners with a broad overview of how they can use data to expand the impact horizon of social projects and bring about faster, equitable, and more beneficial outcomes for all.”

According to the ‘Workforce Wanted: Data Talent for Social Impact’ report by in association with Patrick J McGovern Foundation and Dalberg, it is possible to create and fill 3.5 million data for social impact jobs by 2032. There is a tremendous lack of data professionals in the impact sectors, and 50% of organizations are unaware of how data usage can impact their work in diverse areas. Arthan’s event aims to help organizations overcome this awareness gap.

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