Auto sanitisation system installed at Hanuman Dhara Ropeway by DRIL

Chitrakoot: Damodar Ropeway and Infra Limited (DRIL) has installed an auto sanitisation system at their Hanuman Dhara ropeway. The auto sanitization machine at the main entrance of the ropeway will ensure proper sanitization of all the visitors.
DRIL sanitization

DRIL has reopened the site recently, which was shut due to the pandemic, after installing the auto sanitization system. Powered by a timer fitted sensor, the system consists of a plastic tank filled with sanitizer connected through the pipeline to the output nozzles. As a person enters the main gate, the sensors detect the presence, and the machine starts spraying on the visitor.

SK Aggarwal, Vice President, Damodar Ropeways & Infra Limited, said, “We are cautious about the corona pandemic. For this, we are following all the guidelines of the Government. It is stereotypical to depute a man with sanitizer spray, which has chances of human error. This automatic device overcomes all these problems and performs its activity consistently.”

Neel Achary

Neel Achary

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