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Best way to plan for your iPhone 14 purchase, get it for INR 7,200 less with Hubble Money

Bengaluru, 17th September 2022. The much-awaited iPhone 14 series is finally available in India today. And consumers are trying to find the best offers and deals in the market to get their hands on these exciting products. Hubble Money, a Sequoia-funded start-up, leading innovation in the save now buy later space, has launched plans for purchasing the iPhone at the best prices in the country.

With Hubble Money’s saving plans, users can get the iPhone 14 at INR 72,636 which is INR 7,263 less than the MRP of INR 79,900, higher than any discount available. Consumers can get the iPhone 14 through 3-month, 6-month, and 9-month saving plans. With each monthly deposit you make towards your iPhone 14, Hubble adds 10% cash rewards. Hubble Money has partnered with Croma to bring this unique iPhone purchasing experience. If you want to buy your iPhone 14 today, you can immediately use Hubble’s “Instant Plan” and get 4% extra.

The start-up also has plans for the iPhone 14 Pro, available at just INR 118,090 with their 3, 6, and 9-month saving plans. If you are looking to get the new Apple Watch Ultra, with Hubble you can get it for INR 8,172 less with the saving plans or for INR 3,457 less with the instant plan.

“Credit card offers, and BNPL products are accessible to a limited segment in India. Most Indians are savers who don’t get any rewards, points, or gifts for their good financial habits. We want to change this and make it rewarding for all to create their dream lifestyle while getting rewarded.” says Neeraj Tulsyan, Co-Founder of Hubble Money.

“Most Indians rely on their savings to fund their purchases, lifestyle, and dreams but savings as a financial product has not seen any innovation. We want users to have an exciting and rewarding experience when they save for their future. With Hubble Money we see consumers are saving for their own gadgets, for gifting to their family members, for major events in their lives and getting incentivized for healthy financial behavior” says Mayank Bishnoi, Co-Founder of Hubble Money.

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