BHIS announces a strengthened Career Counselling Programme: Setting Billabongers on a future-ready path

BHIS announces a strengthened Career Counselling Programme: Setting Billabongers on a future-ready path

Middle school and high school are critical years that go on to aid children in career defining decisions. In keeping with their philosophy to empower each child to reach their true passion i.e. their north star – Billabong High International School has gone one step ahead and further strengthened their existing Career Counselling Programme.

The programme will be rolled out in the new academic year and benefit Billabongers not just from Gr10 to Gr12. but as early as Gr8. The end objective is to assist parents and children in arriving at critical decisions that will shape the future of their children. Career planning and guidance has always been part of the BHIS curriculum and school program. However, in the COVID & post-COVID scenario, the management realized that both parents and children will need more assistance to be better planned and better equipped with the right kind of mindset, plan and resources before taking a call on further-studies, specializations etc.

The upgraded Career Counselling Programme will support students from Gr8 to Gr 12 right from counselling on career opportunities, analytics on current performance & areas of strength, workshops on profile building, smart college admission processes, and much more.

With the help of this career counselling program, students will have access to a monthly career exposure calendar comprising of virtual career fairs, information sessions by universities in India and across the globe, college orientation programs, information on student visa requirements for taking admissions in colleges abroad, virtual seminars to understand the benefits and study experiences of various universities, Seminars by alumni to share their first-hand experience and much more. The program also includes webinars by industry experts (speakers), virtual university visits and internship opportunities for students. The program will also help students in building a network& learning from a rich base of over20,000+ alumni of BHIS.

Dr. Madhu Singh, Principal, Billabong High International School-Malad said, “At BHIS we are committed to future-ready schooling. This reflects in all our initiatives and endeavours. The new & improved career counselling program is a big step towards ensuring our students are future-ready. Our children are fortunate to be 21st century professionals where the opportunities are immense, no profession is big or small and everyone has space to grow and thrive if they are good at what they do. We have also been guiding our children towards finding out what they are truly passionate about through our Genius Hour Program. This has been initiated from Gr1 onwards to help children understand their strengths, passions & what inspires them. We hope that this aids them in finding their North Star. We are confident that this Career Counselling Programme will be well received not just by the children but parents as these are critical decisions that impact a child’s life. This initiative is absolutely aligned to our vision as BHIS”.

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