Bhopal based EV startup Enigma launches its first showroom in Nepal, targets 15 in next 2 quarter

Bhopal based EV startup Enigma launches its first showroom in Nepal, targets 15 in next 2 quarter08 June 2023: Enigma, a young Make-in-India EV manufacturer from Madhya Pradesh, is excited to announce the launch of its first showroom in Nepal. This expansion marks a significant milestone for Enigma as it fortifies its foothold in the international market, underscoring the company’s unwavering dedication to expanding its global presence and capitalizing on emerging prospects.

Located at Nagpokhri, Naxal, Kathmandu, the Enigma Electric experience centre promises to deliver an immersive and futuristic environment, providing customers with an unparalleled opportunity to explore Enigma’s cutting-edge electric vehicle offerings. Enigma has partnered with M/s Rising Trading Company Limited, based in Kathmandu, for the distribution of its EVs in Nepal. The tie-up enables Enigma to become an exporter of electric vehicles, with M/s Rising Trading Co Ltd inaugurating their first Enigma Electric experience centre at the aforementioned location, entrusted with the responsibility of establishing Enigma’s presence in Nepal.

“Our partnership with Enigma opens up exciting opportunities for us to expand into the Nepalese market,” expressed Mr. Aziz Shrestha, a Partner at Rising Trading Company Limited. He further added, “Our ambitious aim is to establish a network of up to 15 dealership outlets throughout Nepal, ensuring that customers can directly experience the exceptional performance of Enigma’s high-speed product line.”

“At Enigma, we see this initiative as the inaugural stride towards our global expansion. We are not merely advancing electric mobility; we are instigating a revolutionary shift in transportation. Through our immersive showroom experience and the expertise of our partner, M/s Rising Trading Company Limited, we are paving the way for a network of dealerships that will bring Enigma’s high-speed electric bikes closer to customers across Nepal. With our combined efforts, Nepalese customers can look forward to an exciting future of sustainable transportation options and a brighter tomorrow” said Mr. Anmol Bohre, Managing Director, Enigma.

Enigma’s entire range of high-speed electric bikes will be available at the Nepal showroom. Customers can explore these cutting-edge models, which combine quality craftsmanship, advanced technology, and affordability. The showroom also features an immersive display and offers customers the opportunity to take immediate test rides, allowing them to experience the thrill and performance of Enigma electric bikes first-hand. As an exporter, Enigma will be shipping the vehicles as Completely Built Units (CBU) from India to Nepal, ensuring that customers receive the same level of quality and excellence that Enigma is known for.

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