Big on Small Talk Podcast Launches New Monthly Segment: “Superheroes”

June 28th, 2024: The popular Big on Small Talk Podcast is thrilled to announce the launch of a new monthly segment, “Superheroes,” hosted by Anuj Sawhney and Manav Subodh. Anuj Sawhney, celebrated for his journey from Bollywood to steering Swiss Military Worldwide, teams up once again with his longtime friend, Manav Subodh, the visionary Founder of 1M1B – One Million for One Billion. Together, they embark on a captivating exploration of the complexities surrounding financial priorities in today’s fast-paced world, promising yet another enlightening dialogue for their dedicated audience.

This inspiring series will bring to light the extraordinary personal stories of individuals who have faced significant adversities and emerged victorious, showcasing the resilience and strength that define true heroism. In each episode of “Superheroes,” Anuj and Manav will delve into the lives of remarkable individuals from diverse backgrounds who have overcome immense challenges. These are not your typical superheroes; they are everyday people whose experiences and perseverance have turned their darkest moments into powerful narratives of achievements.

Listeners can look forward to hearing the awe-inspiring journey of a vascular surgeon who, despite being a blood cancer patient and a kidney donor, continues to save lives and provide hope to others. Another episode features a courageous accident survivor who has transformed her pain into purpose, becoming an emotional and spiritual mentor dedicated to guiding others through their struggles. Additionally, the series will spotlight an MLA and environmental activist, whose multifaceted life as a multitasker brings infinite experiences and challenges, all handled with unwavering dedication, and many such stories!

“Our goal with ‘Superheroes’ is to shine a spotlight on those who have faced extraordinary circumstances and come out stronger on the other side,” said Anuj Sawhney. “Their stories are a testament to the indomitable human spirit and serve as a source of inspiration for us all.”

Manav Subodh added, “These incredible individuals teach us that no matter what hardships we face, there is always a path to victory. We are honored to share their journeys and hope that their stories will encourage our listeners to find their own strength and resilience.”

‘Superheroes’ promises to be a compelling and motivational addition to the Big on Small Talk Podcast, offering listeners a chance to connect with and draw inspiration from these extraordinary stories of personal triumph.

Tune in each month to hear how these true superheroes have turned their adversities into defining moments of victory, providing hope and encouragement for all.

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