Bird Group Set to Launch e-commerce platform Gulliyan

New Delhi, August 23, 2023: After making a strong foothold in the aviation, travel, hospitality, IT, luxury retail, and education businesses over the last 50 years, Bird Group is now set to launch an e-commerce marketplace. ‘Gulliyan’ is a global marketplace that will connect Indian artisans and sellers of handcrafted products with a worldwide audience. The online collaborative platform will showcase a diverse curated selection of artisanal products, including agriculture and food items, handlooms, clothing, textiles, handicrafts, and handmade natural products.

With a vision of celebrating traditional Indian art and craft, the e-commerce platform will collaborate with Indian art and craft communities to provide sustainable livelihoods for artisans and craftsmen while sharing the timeless crafts of India with the world. The website will also host live activities such as pottery, folk dances, captivating storytelling, and much more so that its audience can experience the vibrant essence of Indian culture.

Regarding the upcoming e-commerce platform, Gulliyan’s official spokesperson said, “Driven by the spirit of Aatma Nirbhar (self-reliance), we are believers in our rich art, culture, and traditions. We believe in the inherent creativity and talent passed down through generations and that they deserve to be preserved and recognized by a wider audience. Gulliyan serves as a bridge, connecting skilled artisans, or kaarigars, to a global audience. Our goal is to popularize the grassroots art and cultural heritage of India, giving deserved recognition to their exceptional skills. Backed by Bird Group, our initiative creates a sustainable ecosystem that preserves craftsmanship and promotes Indian art and craft globally.”

Gulliyan’s business model revolves around sustainability, embracing eco-consciousness in every aspect of people’s lives. Gulliyan strives to promote creations that not only preserve the timeless essence of art but also contribute positively to the environment, building a sustainable future. Gulliyan also aims to encourage artisans to preserve dying art forms.

Gulliyan will offer an expansive selection of handmade, sustainable products. From apparel to home textiles, home décor, furniture, jewelry, wellness products, and more, the e-commerce marketplace will curate a wide array of meticulously crafted items that cater to people’s unique tastes and values.

Gulliyan will also offer a range of community programs that will provide opportunities for participation, growth, and collaboration. Members of the Gulliyan community will gain access to exclusive events and networking opportunities. They will be able to connect with fellow business owners, share ideas, and gain valuable insights that can propel their growth.

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