Bisk Farm expands its ‘Eat Fit’ range with the launch of nutritious ‘Eat Fit Digestive’ and ‘Eat Fit Atta Marie’ Biscuits

Bisk Farm expands its 'Eat Fit' range with the launch of nutritious 'Eat Fit Digestive' and 'Eat Fit Atta Marie' BiscuitsThe ‘Eat Fit Digestive’ biscuits are distinguished by their high dietary fibre content and are made entirely from 100% Atta (whole-wheat flour), with no added sugar and zero trans-fat. These biscuits offer a satisfying and guilt-free treat for customers.

The new ‘Eat Fit Atta Marie’ biscuits, also made with whole-wheat flour (Atta), are both crunchy and tasty. These biscuits offer a light treat that is ideal for tea-time or snack breaks for modern consumers who prioritize healthier choices in their daily diet.

Mr. Vijay Kumar Singh, Managing Director of Bisk Farm, commented on the launch, “At Bisk Farm, we are committed to providing our consumers with wholesome and nutritious choices that align with their health and wellness aspirations. With the introduction of ‘Eat Fit Digestive Biscuits’ and ‘Eat Fit Atta Marie Biscuits’, we aim to address the growing demand for healthier snack options while delivering the same great taste and quality that Bisk Farm is known for.”

The new ‘Eat Fit Atta Marie’ biscuits are available in 300 gms packs, while the ‘Eat Fit Digestive’ biscuits are available in 175 gms and 59 gms packs, These products are now available at all leading retail stores.

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