Bombay Shaving Company Launches a First Of Its Kind D2C Shopping Festival

15th September, 2023: Bombay Shaving Company is all set to make India an offer it simply cannot refuse. The D2C powerhouse, and one of India’s most exciting and enterprising consumer products brand’s – is launching a month long, first of its kind D2C shopping festival starting September 10th.

This is not an ordinary ‘festival sale’, but truly a celebration of the very best that the Direct to Consumer (D2C) Channel can offer consumers. Through collaboration, partnerships, intelligent pricing, reduced complexity, fabulous offerings and ease of access – the ‘Paisa Wapsi Sale’ promises consumers  exponentially more than the value of their purchase on the Bombay Shaving Company website.

100% cashback, freebies & complimentary multi-brand coupons worth (up to) INR 50000 are guaranteed on EACH TRANSACTION for shoppers; making this festival many times more lucrative, unique & wholesome than the usual price discounts and offers run by popular ecommerce platforms in the months leading up to the festivities.

Hints of the initiative were first dropped by Founder and CEO; Shantanu Deshpande in a LinkedIn post a few weeks back. Since then, it has flourished into an extraordinary coming together of over 30 contemporary Indian brands, from diverse categories – including the likes of Boat, Durex, Souled Store, Damensch and many more.

“What’s truly exciting is the kind of value that we’re poised to give consumers through a single purchase (of any amount) of a Bombay Shaving Company product. They can get access to stuff like financial planning services for up to 2 years. Free access to their favorite entertainment. Even treats at their favorite hangouts.

There’s something for everyone: Students, professionals, young folks, and seniors also. This is truly a demonstration of the kind of superlative experience D2C as a channel can drive for shoppers if done right & collaboratively across the value chain”; said Varun Gupta, Chief Growth Officer (Online), Bombay Shaving Company and Bombae, and the architecture of the Paisa Wapsi Sale.

“Today Bombay Shaving Company caters to over 1 million customers in a quarter. As a brand we’ve begun to be recognized and celebrated for creating more meaning in people’s lives through shaving and grooming. I’m so proud that now, on the back of our D2C expertise, we’re becoming a company and platform on which emerging & established brands can co-create and discover value for the benefit of the Indian shoppers too.” said, Shantanu Deshpande, Founder and CEO, Bombay Shaving Company.

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