Budget Expectation Quote from Mr. Rajiv Bansal, Director-Operations, GIIS India

Mr. Rajiv Bansal, Director_Operations (GIIS), India

“Budget 2023 should focus on digitization and internationalization of education. Concepts like smart classrooms, modern teaching techniques, and online education should be at the forefront. The government should allocate more funds and greater support to building public libraries, world-class research facilities, and vocational training institutions. In schools and colleges, the curriculum should be made skill based leading to employment and innovative concepts of learning should be incorporated into the syllabus for better learning outcomes. The government should also allocate a special budget for improving internet connectivity infrastructure and access to affordable 5G devices.

Lastly, educational loans and scholarships should become more accessible so that education becomes more inclusive and can be accessed by deserving candidates irrespective of economic or social barriers”.-Rajiv Bansal, Director-Operations, GIIS India

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