Budget Reaction_HR & Recruitment_Quote on Union Budget 2023_Biojobz

Dr. Ganesh Nikam_Spokesperson Imgae_MD & CEO at Biojobz

Dr. Ganesh Nikam, Managing Director and CEO of Biojobz- An Industry leader in “Executive Search” & recruitment for the Biotech & Pharmaceutical industry.
“We had bucketed our expectations before the budget into several categories, and it is encouraging to see that the government checked at least some of them. The pharmaceutical industry’s request to incentivize and encourage R&D investments has finally been granted. The new Centers of Excellence program, aimed to promote pharmaceutical research and innovation, will encourage investment opportunities that will directly fuel the sector expansion and jobs. It will begin to unleash the high innovation potential of rich Indian scientific talent. Also on the direct taxes, the increase in the Income-tax rebate limit is a very welcoming step. The overall budget has met a lot of expectations.

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