Celebrating 11 years: Team Pumpkin commemorates its anniversary with a stakeholder spotlight series

Celebrating 11 years: Team Pumpkin commemorates its anniversary with a stakeholder spotlight series28th August 2023, in recognition of the monumental milestone that is 11 years, Team Pumpkin commemorated the occasion by putting the spotlight on their employees, clients, and mentors who have formed the heart and soul of the organization since its inception.

The company set up in 2012, opened its doors to managing the social media mandates of brands over the following year. Over time, the agency branched out into newer services to become a full-fledged marketing services company. The agency started off from a small apartment and went on to set up offices in Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Gurgaon, with Kolkata being the latest bureau. The expansion across India was accompanied by a larger pool of brands serviced across both digital as well as offline platforms.

Today, Team Pumpkin’s portfolio includes clients from a multitude of different industries. This includes brands such as PregaNews, Plum Goodness, Tata Steel, Springwel Mattress, and more. The 360-degree marketing and PR agency takes pride in having worked with over 500 brands, not only in the subcontinent but across the globe.

Reflecting on the fulfilling journey over the past 11 years, Puja Nathani, Head of HR, had a few words to share. “Looking back at the journey we have embarked on together as an organization, I’m lost for words. All I can say is that I am extremely thankful to everyone for making this possible. To every stakeholder, whom we dearly call our Pumpkins, are the ones who made us who we are today”

Looking ahead, Ranjeet Kumar (Co-Founder and CEO), said, “Taking strides into the future cannot be done without taking a moment to pause and reflect on the past. Every moment that has led to today has enriched us as individuals in many different ways. This growth as individuals helps us keep the company on an upwards trajectory, which is what we are looking to maintain for the years to come. There are many more achievements that we have our sights set on as a company. This is just the beginning.”

This year’s anniversary was commemorated with a video series centered around the stakeholders. Here, they reminisce about their journey with Team Pumpkin, speaking about their experience with the company.

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