Clensta Sanitization Kit – The perfect gifting kit for moms this Mother’s Day

Clensta Sanitization Kit – The perfect gifting kit for moms this Mother’s Day

In these times where everything is dark, small celebration moments are a ray of hope and a reason for the smile for everyone. This Mother’s Day, gift a kit of health and care to mom and make her feel safe and special with the Clensta Sanitization Kit. The kit contains Clensta Hand Sanitizer and Lotion which are an ideal gift option for the special day.

Clensta Hand Sanitizer with alcohol retention formula offers 99% germ protection with antimicrobial and antiseptic properties that make it a quick solution for all-round protection and freshness. A skin-friendly hand hygiene solution is effective against germs, bacteria and viruses to protect your hands in routine use. This product is based on the Prolonged Alcohol Retention (PAR) technology with alcohol and an advanced emollient in such a scientific way that increases the retention time of the alcohol on the skin required to completely inactivate the microbes including coronavirus. It’s like preparing a meal on a low flame in order to ensure that it cooks just perfectly, similarly there is a need for appropriate alcohol exposure time for disinfection.

Clensta Lotion offers 99.9% germ protection with antimicrobial and antiseptic properties for upto 12 hours and reduces the extended use of alcohol-based sanitizers and washing hands multiple times a day. The product can be used over any exposed part of the body including face and hands. The product is a breakthrough advancement in the formulation of engineering chemistry with first of its kind PAP Technology (Prolonged Antimicrobial Protection) to prevent bacterial, viral, and fungal infections without harming the environment and human health. The accelerated nanoparticles in the product are engineered to provide long-lasting antimicrobial/anti-viral protection by slowly releasing the reactive oxygen species (ROS) on the skin surface. The released ROS generated through Silver nanoparticles and biosurfactant interferes with the transmembrane protein, outer lipid layer of the virus and helps in degradation of the genetic material of the virus whenever it comes in contact with the skin/hand/body and makes them permanently inactive, ultimately preventing the spread of infection and illness. It’s like the ceiling of your home, a protective layer to safeguard you from extreme weather conditions, similarly Clensta lotion is your protective shield against germs.

So this Mother’s Day, celebrate the special occasion by gifting a kit of care from Clensta International!!

Clensta Hand Sanitizer – Price – 100 ml for INR 50 and INR 250 for 500 ml

Clensta Lotion – Price: INR 299 for 100 ml

Availability: Offline stores and soon to be available on the company’s website

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