Coforge Named ‘Exceptional Performer’ in Whitelane Research’s 2024 UK IT Sourcing Study

Greater Noida, India, June 27, 2024: Coforge Limited (NSE: COFORGE), a global digital services and solutions provider, has been recognized for ‘Exceptional Performance’ in the prestigious 2024 UK IT Sourcing Study conducted by Whitelane Research. This annual study, renowned for its rigorous and comprehensive analysis, highlights the top-performing IT service providers based on extensive feedback from their clients.

Its recognition as an ‘Exceptional Performer’ in general satisfaction, accompanied by a significant 3% increase, underscores Coforge’s unwavering commitment to delivering superior service and innovation to its clients. The company’s high rankings across various categories reflect its expertise and dedication to assisting clients in navigating and succeeding in their digital transformation journeys.

Coforge has achieved outstanding results across multiple categories in this year’s study:

  • Ranked #2 in General Satisfaction
    The firm achieved an impressive satisfaction score of 82% this year, marking a 3% increase from 2023. This score surpasses the industry average of 73%.
  • Ranked #2 in Application Services
    The firm advanced two positions from last year to secure the #2 spot in Application Services, with an 82% satisfaction score, a 2% increase from 2023. This score is higher than the industry average of 74%.
  • Ranked #4 in Cloud & Infrastructure Services
    For the first time, the firm is featured in this category and secured the #4 spot. The satisfaction score of 80% is notably higher than the industry average of 74%.
  • Ranked #4 in Digital Transformation
    The firm maintained its #4 position in Digital Transformation, with a satisfaction score of 80%, exceeding the industry average of 75%.

Coforge’s growth in the Financial Services (Banking and Insurance) and “Other” verticals was reflected in the customer satisfaction study. Coforge ranked seventh among IT service providers in the financial services category, achieving a satisfaction score of 80% this year, higher than the industry average of 76%. In the “Other” industries category, which includes Energy & Utilities, Transport & Logistics, Retail, and Telecom & Technology, Coforge ranked second with a satisfaction score of 83%, surpassing the industry average of 74%.

Jef Loos, Head of Research, Europe, Whitelane Research said, “Coforge continues to shine in our 2024 UK IT Sourcing Study. It is a remarkable comeback this year for Coforge and is featured ‘Exceptional Performer’ among IT service providers in customer satisfaction in the region. This recognition is a testament to the company’s relentless focus on providing exceptional services to its customers.”

John Speight, EVP & Chief Customer Success Officer of Coforge, commented, “We are incredibly proud of these achievements, which are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our teams and the trust our clients place in us. Our top rankings in the 2024 UK IT Sourcing Study by Whitelane Research highlight our continuous efforts to provide innovative and transformative IT solutions.”

The 2024 UK IT Sourcing Study by Whitelane Research is based on the feedback from over 330 participants from top IT spending organizations in the UK, assessing nearly 900 unique IT sourcing relationships and close to 900 cloud platform sourcing relationships. Whitelane Research is an independent organization that has been at the forefront of IT sourcing research across Europe for over a decade.

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