Conscious Chemist offers the best of cosmetic science, to cater the needs of contemporary consumers

Conscious Chemist offers the best of cosmetic science, to cater the needs of contemporary consumersNew Delhi, 22 September: Amidst the wide landscape of Skincare Industry, the newest launches from Conscious Chemist, a performance-driven skincare brand born out with an objective to offer the best of cosmetic science, caters to the needs of contemporary consumers. For the past three years Conscious Chemist has steadfastly upheld its commitment to delivering their vision, and successfully so. And with the celebratory spirit of having completed 3 years of founding, we introduce the newest launched skincare offerings, Snail Magic Cleanser with Hyaluronic Acid and Snail Magic Cream with 5% Pure Korean Snail Mucin, include some of the most eagerly anticipated skincare component: Snail Mucin. These merchandises are intended to raise the standard for skincare demands while enhancing the landscape of skincare market trends. What’s more is that Conscious Chemist products are as affordable as they are as efficacious, scientifically backed and forward thinking!

The Snail Magic Cream, advanced barrier repair solution for diverse skin types, offers enhanced elasticity and firmness of the skin. Enriched with an impressive 5% Pure Korean Snail Mucin, this cream is everything you are looking for, given its essence of enduring hydration. Infact, a dash of plumpness, softness, and suppleness, along with its non-greasiness post-application, only tips the scale more in its favor! What sets this cream apart are its unique ingredients like Lumiskin and trehalose, which are combined with Korean snail mucin concentrate and hyaluronic acid. Together, these powerful ingredients target your 360-degree skin concerns, ensuring that you achieve radiant and healthy skin.

The Snail Magic Cleanser stands out even further since it also incorporates Lactic acid and Betaine. Lactic acid, known for gentle exfoliation, overturns cells to bring forth your underlying complexion. It effectively unclogs pores, making it an excellent choice for those struggling with acne or uneven skin texture. Betaine, on the other hand, is a natural humectant that helps the skin retain moisture, ensuring hydration throughout the cleansing process. This luxurious cleanser is truly a game-changer for anyone seeking a high-performance skincare product. Versatile to all skin types, the Snail Magic Cleanser offers a touch of luxury while delivering visible results.

“At Conscious Chemist, we’ve thoughtfully curated a skincare that truly speaks to our commitment to results. While snail mucin-infused products remain a rarity among brands, our aim was to bridge this gap with ethically sourced snail mucin along with all other natural ingredients and make effective skincare accessible to all ensuring affordability as we look to democratizing skincare innovation, free from harmful chemicals and parabens.” – Robin Gupta, Founder of Conscious Chemist.

The Snail Magic products from Conscious Chemist harmonious are tailored to meet the needs of those seeking a holistic and effective skincare experience. The brand has always kept customers at the center and has been dedicated to providing them premium skincare by being a trailblazer with Snail Mucin, an option they didn’t know they wanted!

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