Corporate Executives Showcase Style and Confidence in Unique Ramp Walk Pageant

Mr. Amit Sidana,

New Delhi, May  2023- The capital city witnessed a unique pageant where over 50 top-level executives from some of the best Indian and international brands walked the ramp. The event, which was conceptualized by Leamanah together with AB Consulting and Associate Partner Instashield &Munchfit, was held at the prestigious Pride Plaza Hotel in Aero City. The most sought-after hospitality destination in the NCR region -Pride Hotels India was the hospitality partner. The event was co-sponsored by RRG Ram Rattan Group.

In a time when the post-COVID hybrid and work-from-home culture has brought about physical distance among people, the significance of such events cannot be understated. The pageant showcased the power of bringing individuals together, fostering camaraderie, and rejuvenating the spirit of togetherness.

The ramp show was a one-of-a-kind event where the Real Life heroes of the corporate world took to the runway to showcase their style and confidence. The jury, comprising industry experts, selected Mr. Vikas Kumar from Admiral Solutions as Mr. Pride while Ms. Suman Sharma from Siemens was crowned Miss Pride. The chief guest for the evening, Satyen Jain – CEO & Director at The Pride Hotels India, had the honor of crowning the winners.

Chief Guest Mr. Satyen Jain, CEO & Director at The Pride Hotels India, and Mr. Atul Upadhyay, Senior Vice President at The Pride Hotels India, graced the occasion and had the honor of crowning the winners.

Mr. Amit Sidana, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Pride Group of Hotels India, emphasized “In these times of remote work and virtual communication, it is essential to create opportunities for professionals to come together and forge meaningful connections. We are delighted to have hosted this exceptional event at Pride Plaza Hotel, a space known for its impeccable hospitality and service.”

Speaking about the event, Ms. Anu Singh Director and founder, Leamanah said, “We wanted to create a platform where corporate executives could showcase their style and panache. The response we received was overwhelming, and we are delighted to have been able to bring together so many leaders from the corporate world.”

“We are delighted to have been a part of this spectacular pageant,” expressed Mr. Vijay Chaudhary, Chairman of RRG Ram Rattan Group. “As we emerge from the challenges of the past years, it is crucial to bring people together, nurture relationships, and embrace the power of collective strength. “

Expressing excitement C S Jadhav &Hitesh Patel, Founders Instashield shared “The Executive Pageant beautifully captured the essence of togetherness, glamour, and shared experiences.”

The event was a huge success, and the attendees were impressed with the level of sophistication and elegance on display. The ramp walk by the corporate executives was a refreshing change from the traditional beauty pageants, and the participants were lauded for their confidence and grace.

The event also partnered with new and established brands, including Corenpure, Durand-forms, GemMines, Addyevents, n&a, Instashield, Munchfit, Navdrishthitimes, Rigvedaa, SkyBoon, romeo technologies, Tiwariprintingpress, Whatworks, Jarori and ZoomDelhi, which were well-received by the attendees.

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