Drink vitamin-C rich summer juices at home with Kent cold press juicer

Drink vitamin-C rich summer juices at home with Kent cold press juicer

If you like to consume juices on a daily basis for the nutrition then freshly-pressed juice all summer sounds like such a nice plan until you realize how damn expensive some juicers are. You don’t have to hunt though, then a Kent cold press juicer is the best option for you. A Kent cold pressed juicer squeezes solid ingredients to extract their juice-a process that allows maximum retention of nutrients.

KENT Cold Pressed Juicer employs a low speed squeezing technique, which not only retains the natural and original taste, but also the nutrients, making the juice healthier and tastier. Fluid, fruity and refreshing – juices are the best way to get raw liquid nutrients into the body. Indeed, nothing beats the taste of a chilled glass of juice so we help you find a juicer that is worth your dime, grates fruits and greens quickly and runs smoothly. It has Low RPM juicer that helps retain nutrients and fibre. Go on; squeeze juice and fruits into your diet with top Kent Cold Pressed Juicer! The machine holds the capability to retain all the natural and original taste and nutrients as well that would make the juice healthier and tastier.

It can also produce more juice compared to a conventional juicer. With the KENT Cold Pressed Juicer, the juice is first extracted by crushing and then pressing the fruits and vegetables, thus giving more juice. It comes with a powerful motor and a unique cup design resulting in faster juice extraction and a smoother outflow. It has two filter screens for different usage; a fine-meshed filter screen for hard fruits and vegetables like carrot, cucumber, apple, etc. and a wide-meshed filter screen for soft fruits and vegetables like watermelon, orange, tomato, etc.

Speaking about the product Dr. Mahesh Gupta chairman Kent Ro said “As summer is here and most of the people are at home due to pandemic, so juicers are the most essential kitchen appliance as they provide a convenient way of consuming nutritious fruits & vegetables without taking too much time. So keeping in mind the motto of Kent Ro we have designed Kent Cold pressed juicer which produces more fresh & pure juices than any other conventional juicer. While designing this cold press juicer we had made sure features like non-skid feet and smooth sieve result in effortless juicing as well as a comfortable cleaning experience.

Product is available at INR 14,250 and it is available at all Kent outlets as well as online.

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