Embracing Experiences at Que Sera Sera: Andheri’s New Conversational Bar with a Traditional Eatery

Embracing Experiences at Que Sera Sera: Andheri's New Conversational Bar with a Traditional EateryMumbai 28,  August 2023: Drawing inspiration from the enchanting philosophy of embracing life’s beautiful moments, Que Sera Sera is a joint venture between Monarch Liberty Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. and Green Turtle Hospitality. Immerse yourself in the alluring world of Italian vibes as this enchanting destination captivates guests with its one-of-a-kind cave vibes.

Conceived by the visionary minds of Monarch Liberty Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. and Green Turtle Hospitality“Que Sera Sera” transcends the boundaries of a traditional bar and eatery. It’s an enchanting conversational bar and eatery that goes beyond the usual experience of a restaurant and offers a delightful journey for all your senses – touch, taste, smell, sound, and sight.

“Our mission is to celebrate the beauty of the present moment, encouraging our guests to relish life’s simplest pleasures,” expressed Addite Malik, Partner at Green Turtle Hospitality and one of the creative minds behind Que Sera SeraAnkit Anand, Partner at Green Turtle Hospitality adds: “We invite you to slow down, savor every moment, and create lasting memories while connecting with your loved ones.”

The interiors, meticulously designed by renowned Architect Keith Menon of Spiro Spero alongside the Addite Malik, encapsulate the essence of Italy within a cozy 1800 sq. ft. space. From the moment you enter, you are greeted by delightful green entrance doors framed by bamboo trellises and colorful bougainvillea plants. The outdoor area resembles a lively Italian patio where natural stone flooring, lush greenery, charming wooden tables, and ceramic pendant lights add a touch of magic, transporting you to the enchanting streets of Italy, while indoors, an old cave-style tavern awaits, evoking a sense of antiquity and mystery with rustic stone-textured walls and an eclectic collection of treasures from around the world. The Private Dining Area is elevated and divided by a cast iron railing adorned with a captivating fresco painting and an organic-shaped ceramic light, adding an artistic touch to the space. Every element, from the captivating decor to the twinkling ceramic pendant lights, transports you to the heart of Italy, leaving you enchanted and embraced by the motto, “Whatever will be, will be.”

 Suraj Shetty, Partner at Green Turtle Hospitality states that “Que Sera Sera embodies the essence of the restaurant, embracing the culinary delights of Europe and the joy of savoring every moment. Whether it’s a momentous occasion, an intimate dinner for two, or a delightful journey into an Italian tavern, Que Sera Sera ensures an extraordinary experience that ignites your wanderlust for the diverse flavors of this enchanting continent.’’ 

Sumit Govind Sharma, Director of Monarch Liberty Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., eloquently expressed, “Our culinary experience at Que Sera Sera soars to new heights with a carefully crafted wine list and captivating cocktails and mocktails. From the allure of French Bordeaux to the romance of Italian Chianti, each libation complements our dishes, creating a symphony of flavors that will transport you to an unforgettable dining adventure. We offer dishes from across Europe, with more focus on Italian Cuisine.”

Guests will be treated to an exquisite European culinary journey curated by none other than the esteemed Chef Sameer Bhalekar. After honing his skills internationally, including a notable stint in Doha, Chef Bhalekar brings a touch of global finesse to every dish on the menu. Start your meal with the succulent Glazed Chicken Wings, dripping in luscious buffalo sauce, garnished with freshly snipped chives that add a delightful herbal touch, or the Burrata – Cherry Tomatoes, where the creamy burrata cheese oozes richness, complemented by the sweetness of cherry tomatoes and the nutty crunch of pine nuts, all enhanced by the luscious balsamic glaze. For the main course, immerse yourself in the Lobster Thermidor, a symphony of oceanic delights, featuring tender lobster engulfed in a velvety potato mash, accented by a savory bisque and earthy mushrooms, all crowned with a decadent sprinkle of Parmesan, or the Handmade Tortellini Pasta – Lemon Basil Ricotta, an enchanting dish that marries the refreshing zing of lemon zest with the creaminess of ricotta cheese, encased in lovingly crafted pasta tortellini, all cocooned in a pink sauce that dances on your palate. Finally, let your sweet tooth revel in the decadent Pistachio and coconut Panna Cotta: a velvety-smooth dessert infused with rich pistachio and tropical coconut. The enchanting blueberry compote, saffron cream, and edible flour elevate the experience to a dreamlike realm and the caramel ice cream casts- a sweet spell of nostalgia over your taste buds. Every aspect of this dining experience embodies the very essence of European brilliance.

The cocktails at Que Sera Sera perfectly complement the conversational bar vibe, adding an extra layer of charm and delight to the enchanting experience. Start your celebration with the Meet Me In The Morning cocktail, a delightful storm of flavors in a teacup topped with a whimsical marshmallow cloud. This charming drink sets the perfect tone for meaningful conversations and celebrations at any hour of the day. Thy-Tini, a magical Martini elevated with the essence of thyme, perfectly sets the mood for the evening ahead. When the night sky casts its shadow, let the Carolina on My Mind cocktail entice your taste buds. This sour concoction boasts the allure of Homemade Popcorn Rum, delighting with its nutty undertones and a hint of bitterness. As the night grows more enchanting, treat yourself to the exquisite cocktail. In addition to these cocktails, they also offer an array of Wines, Negronis, refreshing Limoncellos, and Mocktails, crafted with the same love and creativity.

Que Sera Sera is now open, welcoming you to revel in the enchanting symphony of life’s beautiful moments. Come, celebrate the present, and make memories to last a lifetime.

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