Evocus Marketing Head, Mr. Zulkarnain Shaikh, Awarded Business World Marketing 40u40

Evocus Marketing Head, Mr. Zulkarnain Shaikh, Awarded Business World Marketing 40u40New Delhi 6th September 2023: Mr. Zulkarnain Shaikh, marketing head of a Evocus, popularly known for its product “Black Water”  has been honoured with the esteemed Business World Marketing 40U40 award, recognizing his exceptional contributions to the field of marketing.

Under Mr. Shaikh’s visionary leadership, Evocus has achieved remarkable success through innovative marketing campaigns and strategies, earning numerous accolades:

  1. **Velocity Awards BRONZE**: A testament to excellence in marketing.
  1. **Digixx Ad Gully’21 GOLD for Food Tech**: RecognizingEvocus’s prowess in the food tech sector.
  1. **Alive Now for FMCG (Beverages)**: Acknowledging the brand’s impact in the fast-moving consumer goods segment.
  1. **Digixx Ad Gully’23 GOLD for F&BMarketing**: CelebratingEvocus’s marketing brilliance in the food and beverage industry.
  1. **Digixx Ad Gully’23 SILVER for InfluencerMarketing**: Highlighting the brand’s effective use of influencer marketing.
  1. **D2C Awards’23 by Indian Retailer for Best D2C Brand of the Year, Beverages**: RecognizingEvocusas a leader in direct-to-consumer marketing.
  1. **e4m Maverick Awards’23 for BestMarketingCampaign for a Food and Beverage Brand**: A testament to the creativity and impact of Evocus’s marketing campaigns.
  1. **ET Retail EDNA Awards’23 for Best DigitalMarketingCampaign**: Acknowledging Evocus’s prowess in the digital marketing realm.
  1. **e4m Indian DigitalMarketingAwards’23 for Best Use of Influencer Marketing**: Celebrating the brand’s innovative use of influencer marketing.

Reflecting on his journey, Mr. Shaikh said, “I had the opportunity to launch Evocus black water in India back in September 2019. A product that Indians had never heard of nor were they ready for it. The product was innovative, super healthy, and futuristic. But it wasn’t easy to market or sell it. We faced initial challenges, including online trolling due to its colour and price. However, through innovative, out-of-the-box strategies, we persevered. Today, Evocus Black Alkaline Water is embraced by Bollywood celebrities and Indian cricketers, with over 3500+ media articles dedicated to our product. The Google search volume for ‘black water’ has reached 110k/month, with a peak at 10 million/ month in India, which translates to curiosity and online and offline transactions. Our approach has always been unconventional, driven by innovation and a deep understanding of the internet and data.”

With over 12 years of global experience working with brands like BMW in India, Porsche in the UAE, Philips in France, and now Evocus in India, Mr. Shaikh’s diverse background has infused a global perspective into Evocus’s marketing strategies, fuelling the brand’s exponential growth.

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