Experience the future of bathrooms with VitrA Concealed Cisterns: Faster, Easier, and Fault-Free

Experience the future of bathrooms with VitrA Concealed Cisterns: Faster, Easier, and Fault-Free

VitrA, a global leader in bathroom solutions, is proud to announce the continued evolution of our Concealed Cistern products, designed to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the surface of our products, encompassing every stage from design and production to customer service. This dedication ensures that VitrA remains synonymous with perfection.

VitrA Concealed Cistern solutions are the result of continuous improvements and rigorous engineering. Designed to be hidden within the wall, they transform and expand the perception of space in any bathroom. Remarkably, these systems maintain their accuracy and quiet operation for decades, mirroring their performance from the day of installation. VitrA offers concealed cistern solutions tailored for every wall and WC type, providing strong flushes, quick refilling, and long-term reliability.

At VitrA, we pride ourselves on our extensive history of engineering excellence. Our products undergo rigorous internal tests and numerous external certification processes, instilling complete confidence in the VitrA brand. The VitrA V-Fix system exemplifies this commitment, delivering hygienic and reliable experiences with versatile assembly options. Customers can also benefit from our extended 10-year warranty on core products and retrofitting options for concealed cisterns up to 30 years old.

With thoughtful engineering and continuous improvement, VitrA V-Fix products guarantee fault-free operation and are perfect for modern bathroom design. Their well-considered features ensure quick and easy installation, making them an ideal choice for both new builds and renovations.

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