Experience the Power of Infiniti with Licious Infiniti

Experience the Power of Infiniti with Licious Infiniti18th August 2023: What would you do with the ‘Power of Infiniti’ at your fingertips, that lets you simply zap your way to your Licious favs, that too, with infinite benefits? Watch how an ardent Licious fan enjoys her newfound superpower of ‘Infiniti’ and effortlessly triumphs mealtimes with an extensive spread of mutton handi, fish fry, crispy chicken, kebabs, and more. All this, ‘cause she’s got the power – of Licious Infiniti. Your most-loved meat and seafood brand, Licious, today announced its Infiniti Program – a rewards-based program that offers infinite benefits upon ordering from the Licious App. The program marks the brand’s 8-year anniversary and aims to gratify consumers for their unwavering love and patronage. As the name suggests, Licious Infiniti offers delights as assured cashback, free delivery, and a money-back guarantee, with absolutely zero terms and conditions attached. If this doesn’t get your Licious party started, watch the campaign film here and groove along as you dig into crispy prawns and chicken curry.

Santosh Hegde, Vice President  Brand at Licious, tells us more about the Licious Infiniti program & its film, “Licious has always been a part of celebrations & special occasions with its consumers. With Licious Infiniti, we are giving our consumers another reason to engage with the brand as we celebrate our 8-year anniversary. And what could be better than gratifying our consumers’ love & loyalty than with infinite benefits & unconditional meaty offers. Much like the Licious fan in the film, we aim to empower our consumers with the Infiniti program and delight them further with rewards as they zap their way to juicy, delectable Licious products.”

The film opens on our protagonist wondering what she should order from Licious today, a scene that perhaps most of us can relate to. As she’s browsing through the App, the playful beckoning of Licious Infiniti entices her to tap on it, and she finds the ‘Power of Infiniti’ on her fingertips, quite literally! The scene suddenly transforms and there is a definite zing in the air. What happens thereon is every Licious fan’s dream come true – she zaps away her Licious favorites, plate after plate because she’s got the power! From fish fry, crispy chicken to chicken curry & mutton handi – the meaty delights just keep coming, as the rewards from Licious Infiniti go on and on and on. The party continues as the family gathers over the dinner table, digging into the widespread of choicest of meat and seafood delicacies. As a rather bewildered child exclaims “Kya jadoo hain!”, our empowered protagonist reveals the secret source of her newfound power to be Licious Infiniti. Amidst much drool & delight, the film concludes with details of Licious Infiniti and its many benefits.

Watch the groovy film on the brand’s YouTube channel and witness the ‘Power of Infiniti’ for yourself. So here’s another reason to head to the Licious App – subscribe to the program, start ordering, and enjoy meaty benefits that go on and on and on…!

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