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Fawry and Roboost sign “MOU” to enhance digital transformation and financial inclusion

Cairo, 24th April 2024Fawry, the leading company in the field of banking technology and electronic payments, announced the signing of a joint cooperation memorandum with “Roboost”, a leader in developing delivery and logistics management systems, to automate payroll for home delivery couriers. The cooperation enhances the efforts of the digital transformation process and achieves the principles of financial inclusion in the delivery industry. The memorandum was signed in the presence of Mr. Hossam Ezz, CEO of the Commercial Sector at Fawry, and Mr. Mohamed Gessraha, CEO and Co-Founder of Roboost.

Within the framework of this joint cooperation, Fawry will provide delivery employees with myfawry yellow cards for convenient salary cashouts and empowering couriers with greater financial flexibility and control over their earnings, according to Roboost’s advanced solutions that manage the payroll data of more than 20,000 employees, based on detailed criteria, ensuring fair compensation based on specific aspects and eliminating the need for lengthy discussions with accounting teams.

The collaboration also saves accounting teams countless hours in payroll calculations and aims to optimize the payment and benefits system for couriers. In addition, Fawry will provide comprehensive medical insurance services for delivery employees, which confirms the company’s commitment to prioritize the welfare and retention of the courier workforce, and will provide all means of support to them in order to enhance the delivery industry.

The partnership between Fawry and Roboost represents an innovative step towards improving the courier experience and operational efficiency in the delivery industry. In addition, it contributes in achieving an unparalleled delivery experience for end users , and improving retention rates of delivery employees within companies. With a shared commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, the partnership between Fawry and Roboost is poised to reshape the future of payroll management for home delivery couriers.

Mr. Sherif Aboshady, the SMEs Director at “Fawry”, said: “We are pleased with this partnership with “Roboost”, and are excited to work together to bring about a comprehensive change in delivery operations management systems.”

He added: At “Fawry“, we have a clear desire to target all sectors to benefit from Fawry’s advanced financial technology, and this will help these sectors keep pace with the fast-paced wheel of digital transformation, especially with the directives of the Egyptian state and Egypt’s Vision 2030.”

Mr. Mohamed Gessraha, CEO and Co-Founder of “Roboost” said: “Cooperation with Fawry, the first provider of financial technology services in Egypt, represents an important step in Roboost’s journey to automate all home delivery operations. This partnership will also greatly empower couriers in particular, which will lead to an improved overall customer experience.”

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