Fujitsu begins impact investing to address the challenge of solving social issues and to achieve a sustainable society


KAWASAKI, Japan, June 17, 2024 – – Fujitsu Limited today announced that it has expanded the investment scope of the Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) fund managed by Fujitsu Ventures Limited to begin impact investing, in which Fujitsu will invest in companies that are taking on the challenge of solving social issues.

Impact investing is investing with the aim of simultaneously generating both economic returns and a measurable positive impact on society and the environment. Fujitsu, through impact investing, will support a wide range of companies that are addressing the challenge to solve social issues in areas that are not limited to Fujitsu’s direct business areas, but will also contribute to achieving a sustainable society.

In May 2024, for its first impact investment, Fujitsu invested into Gojo & Company, Inc., which provides financial services, such as microfinance (1), to low-income households in developing countries.

Overview of the impact investing

The CVC fund established by Fujitsu in April 2021 and managed by Fujitsu Ventures has contributed to solving social issues through its business activities by investing in startups that collaborate with Fujitsu both in and outside of Japan.

In addition, in May 2023, Fujitsu identified three areas for its Materiality (Essential contributions). These areas are solving global environmental issues, developing a digital society, and improving people’s well-being. Fujitsu will collaborate with like-minded partners where there is mutual empathy for purpose and material issues, and not limited to Fujitsu’s direct business areas. Fujitsu believes that it is essential to build an ecosystem that transcends industry boundaries, and has started impact investing in a variety of companies that are tackling the challenge of solving social issues.

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