Ghoomer’s gritty tale enthuses the Mumbai Deaf Women’s Cricket Team at a special screening at PVR

Ghoomer’s gritty tale enthuses the Mumbai Deaf Women’s Cricket Team at a special screening at PVRAugust 24th, 2023: Cricket is India’s most popular game; nothing can beat the euphoria of watching our players own the game. The men’s and women’s cricket teams swell our chests with pride. Recently released “Ghoomer” is a poignant tale showcasing the achievements of differently abled athletes in the face of adversity. The plot revolves around Anina (Saiyami Kher), a gifted cricket player whose aspirations are shattered by a life-altering event. Regardless of the setback, Anina remains unyielding, and, with the guidance of her coach Paddy (Abhishek Bachchan), she embarks on a journey to make a comeback. The duo collaborates to create a unique bowling technique, Ghoomer, which becomes the cornerstone of Anina’s triumph. The movie is a potent reminder that no challenge is insurmountable if one has the courage to persevere.

In a remarkable celebration of sporting determination and perseverance, PVR INOX hosted an exclusive screening for the Mumbai Deaf Women’s Cricket Team. The movie stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of athletes who have triumphed over challenges in the realm of sports and served as a true tribute to the real-life sportswomen, who have stood against all odds. The eventful evening witnessed the presence of Abhishek Bachchan and Saiyami Kher, who added an extra layer of excitement for the attendees. The renowned star cast joined the Mumbai Deaf Women’s Cricket team for this special occasion, marking a true fusion of inspiration and recognition, and were amazed with the Team’s determined energy.

The players were captivated by the stellar performances portrayed in the movie and took the opportunity to engage with the star cast in conversations that highlighted the dedication and hard work put into bringing the narrative to life.

Commenting on the overwhelming response received for the film across the country, and during the screening, Gautam Dutta, Co-CEO – of PVR INOX Ltd, said, “Ghoomer stands as a profoundly moving cinematic piece, a testament to unwavering commitment, resilience, and unyielding determination in the face of challenges. The narrative not only resonates with those who have triumphed over adversity but also resonates with all those who aspire to excel in the world of sports. It has been a privilege for us to extend our hospitality to the Mumbai Deaf Women’s Cricket team. Much like Anina’s character in the film, these exceptional athletes exemplify breaking boundaries and realizing ambitions. Their genuine appreciation for the film is truly gratifying, and we eagerly anticipate embarking on many more such meaningful initiatives in the times ahead.”

Roma BalwaniCEO of the Indian Deaf Cricket Association, commented on the screening and the movie and shared, “Ghoomer is truly an exceptional film, and the thoughtful arrangement of this special evening by PVR INOX has been deeply appreciated by all of us, especially the team. The film possesses an inherent emotional resonance and strikes a chord not only with our women’s cricket team but also with athletes confronting similar challenges. It’s heartening to witness their stories of perseverance, dedication, and innate talent being acknowledged and celebrated. Our appeal is to help create awareness about disability sport & deaf cricket in India which will immensely help gain recognition from the GOI, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports in this category of cricket. We look forward to more support for this worthy cause of providing official recognition for this distinct cricket category.”

Sharing his reflections on the evening, Actor Abhishek Bachchan, who portrays the role of Coach Paddy in the film, expressed, “Meeting these remarkable female athletes, who, much like Anina, have triumphed over adversities to achieve the extraordinary, is an immense privilege. Their genuine appreciation and recognition for Ghoomer hold a special significance. Being a part of this event brings me immense joy. In connecting with the women cricketers of IDCA, I earnestly hope that our film, akin to their journey, serves as an inspiration for aspiring cricketers and athletes at large. My heartfelt gratitude to PVR INOX for this opportunity.”

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