Gifting Options on this Father’s Day by USHA International

Gifting Options on this Father’s Day by USHA InternationalWith nuclear families on the rise and both parents working, fathers are increasingly playing a much larger role in the lives of their children at home – from changing diapers and prepping baby feed to cooking up a feast on special occasions. So, this Father’s Day what you can do is gift him a gadget that brings out his best parenting genes – gift him an appliance by USHA that not only makes his experience in the kitchen easier and enjoyable, it also combines convenience with a commitment to health.

USHA International offers innovative products like the Air Fryer and Electric Kettle, helping prepare delicious, guilt-free meals while also saving time, freeing them up to spend quality time with their loved ones.

1. iChef Smart Air Fryer

iChef Smart Air Fryer by USHA is one of the best things to gift your dad who is a foodie but health conscious. Fathers can use this amazing air fryer to fulfill their urge to eat oily foods but with just a small amount of oil in it. They can make everything from French fries to samosas, grilled sandwiches to roast chicken. Not only does it provide them an option to eat healthy but also allows them to cook tasty meals in their home and enjoy it with their loved ones.

2. iChef Programmable Kettle

The iChef Programmable Kettle is an absolute treat for fathers who have infants at their home. For a father, his infant must get a nutritious & well-cooked meal that is neither too hot nor too cold for the baby. Not only does this kettle warm up their meals but has preset functions to heat it to a precise temperature, making it easier for fathers to prepare the meal. This multipurpose kettle can make father’s life easier by not only helping them to prepare their infant’s meal but by allowing them to make their tea or coffee with it.  Unlike other kettles in the market, this kettle provides a hassle-free process to make your preferred beverages as it comes with four preset temperature modes that are specifically designed to make the perfect brewing temperatures for various teas.

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