GIS Felicitates its back stage workers

1 May was the day to honor the contribution of the heroes who always work hard for the smooth functioning of any organisation. It is a special occasion to celebrate the true essence of this working class. They make our work easy and work tirelessly. The first day of May, also known as May Day, was celebrated as Labourers’ Day in India. Following its tradition of recognizing this precious day, Gillco International School celebrated it with great enthusiasm and reverence for these valuable people. The Chairman of the school, Mr. Ranjit Singh Gill motivated and encouraged the workers with his benign presence.

The music department of the school filled each and everyone present there with pride and excitement through their self-composed energetic melodies. The Chairman, Mr. Gill, The Principal, Ms. Ruchi Sharma, and The Vice-Principal,

Dr. Shiv Shankar Paul presented them with a token of appreciation and gratitude to them show respect for their unflinching support and help to run the system consistently.

Mr. Gill addressed the workers and said that it is labor indeed that puts the difference in everything. Today is a day to think, to thank those who wake up to work to their best. It is just not one single day when they need to be thanked. At the same time, he encouraged me to work with dedication, determination, and honesty for the betterment of the institution.

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