GoSats Unveils Exclusive Independence Day Campaign ‘GoSats Freedom Fest’

India, 12th August 2023: GoSats, India’s first Bitcoin Rewards company, is thrilled to announce the GoSats Freedom Fest, an exciting Independence Day campaign aiming to introduce more people to the world of Bitcoin rewards. This campaign promises to offer users a seamless blend of convenience, savings, and entertainment, all in one package.

This unique campaign, designed to coincide with the Independence Day celebrations, introduces the GoSats Elite Card as the centrepiece to provide users with an unparalleled digital experience that aligns with the spirit of independence. During the campaign period, which spans from August 12th to August 15th, participants will have the opportunity to reap remarkable rewards.

Here, users who purchase the GoSats Elite Card within the campaign duration and complete their KYC within 7 days will receive free access to a Times Prime membership. The membership unlocks access to a world of premium benefits, including exclusive deals and premium entertainment content. Additionally, users across the board, both new and existing, can avail themselves of a special one-time discount of Rs 77 on voucher purchases throughout the campaign period. This exclusive offer underscores GoSats‘ commitment to making premium experiences accessible to everyone.

Mr. Roshan Aslam, Co-Founder & CEO of GoSats, shared his enthusiasm for the campaign stating, “At GoSats, our vision is to help earn Bitcoin rewards and set them up on their journey towards financial freedom. Our Independence Day campaign is a reflection of this and showcases our dedication to enhancing user experiences and offering unprecedented value. We are committed to pushing boundaries in the Bitcoin sector and we are thrilled to see our customers experience it.”

As the Independence Day campaign unfolds, GoSats envisions a future where convenience, savings, and entertainment converge seamlessly. The campaign thus perfectly embodies GoSats‘ mission to redefine the Bitcoin landscape.

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