Great Place to Work® hosted a webinar in partnership with HDFC ERGO General Insurance

As a prelude to World Cancer Day, Great Place to Work® hosted a webinar in partnership with HDFC ERGO General Insurance, as a part of their movement to ‘Make India a Healthy Place to Work For All.’

India; February 6, 2023: Great Place to Work® India and HDFC ERGO recently entered into a strategic partnership to spearhead the movement of “Making India a Healthy Place to Work For All.” As part of this initiative, the two organizations will be running a series of initiatives to generate awareness around health and wellness and build an ecosystem that serves as a platform for organizations, individuals, and service providers in the country to learn and share best practices.

As a prelude to World Cancer Day, they hosted a webinar on the theme A proactive approach to cancer prevention & the role each of us can play which was attended by several corporate leaders and professionals. The guest speaker for the webinar was subject matter expert Dr. Sourabh Radhakrishnan, Director, Medical Oncology and Precision Medicine at Karkinos Healthcare, with prior experience at AIMMS and Tata Memorial who shared valuable insights and perspective on cancer. The session highlighted the need for a proactive approach to cancer and
covered aspects including:

  • Probability of cancer is 1 in 10 persons and increasing.
  • The fact that 30 to 50% cancers are curable if detected early
  • Early detection plays a significant role in reducing the burden of cancer on the patient as well
    as their family members. It affects the patient health, cost, and duration of the treatment.
  • The 5 prevalent cancers in India viz. Oral, Lung, Cervical, Prostate and Breast Cancer in India
    along with information on identifying signs and methods of preventive screening.
  • Unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity, and environmental pollutants as major contributors to
    cancer incidence
  • Positive lifestyle changes for people to adopt.
  • Role of organizations in creating awareness, preventive action and supporting both imp acted
    employees and caregivers

He also mentioned that although no one can accurately predict the incidence of cancer, community, and collective actions, like screening camps and awareness sessions, play a vital role in controlling the spread of this disease.

Ms. Preeti Malhotra, Co-owner & Practice Head, Great Place to Work, said “We are proud to have hosted this meaningful and impactful webinar on World Cancer Day. Our vision is to inspire India Inc. to continue to make health and well-being a priority and this session was an integral part of the movement. Prevention plays an equal if not higher role as making cancer treatment accessible and affordable in closing the care gap that exists today in our country. We hope the webinar will help to create awareness about the importance of cancer prevention and the role
each of us can play in reducing its risk. We were honored to have Dr. Sourabh Radhakrishnan join us for this session and share valuable insights and knowledge on the subject.”

As India Health and well-being cannot be ignored Experts and research tell us that a very high percentage of cancers are curable if detected early.

Currently, the percentage of early detection and treatment in India is almost 505 lower than the USA and other developed countries. There is potential for saving millions of lives every year if we all commit to playing our part toward collective proactive action.

Great Place to Work® India and HDFC ERGO General Insurance aim to bring wellness into the forefront and inspire and benefit organizations, employees, and the community through the movement of Making India a Healthy Place to Work For All.
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