Gulshan Group’s Yukti Nagpal Honored as the Exemplary Women Leader In Luxury Real Estate

Gulshan Group's Yukti Nagpal Honored as the Exemplary Women Leader In Luxury Real EstateYukti Nagpal, the esteemed Director of Gulshan Group, was honoured with the distinguished Women Leader In Luxury Real Estate title at ‘ET Leadership Excellence Awards-2023’. The event was graced by the Bollywood actress Rakul Preet Singh as the chief guest, where Yukti Nagpal received recognition for her outstanding contribution through her brand towards the luxury segment in the real estate sector.

At Gulshan Group, Yukti Nagpal has not only shaped the trajectory of the real estate sector but has also marked her name as a visionary, unafraid to embrace bold decisions that bring remarkable change in prevailing scenarios. Her unwavering commitment to excellence has set her apart as an excellent individual in the industry, driving the Group’s pursuit of quality and innovation. Her ability to envision, design, and execute projects that redefine luxury and aesthetics has garnered her recognition as a true luminary in the field.

On receiving the prestigious award, Yukti Nagpal expressed herself, stating, “I wish to extend my design-led legacy to individuals across the sector to raise the benchmark of luxury real estate projects. My aim is to inspire others to dream big and leave no stone unturned to turn dreams into reality. My vision is to create spaces that resonate with the aspirations of people, enriching lives through architectural marvels that stand the test of time.”

As Gulshan Group continues redefining industry standards and winning property buyers’ hearts with its exceptional real estate developments, Yukti Nagpal‘s visionary approach promises to drive the Group’s legacy to greater heights.

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