HDOR 100 Days of Running: Mid Tournament Update

The HDOR 100 Days of Running event has reached its midway point, showcasing remarkable dedication and enthusiasm from participants across the country. This year’s event has set new benchmarks, with over 15,000 registrations, more than 500 teams, and a substantial gender balance of 70% male and 30% female participants. The spirit of running has once again united enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds in a collective pursuit of fitness and well-being.


Geographical Distribution and Corporate Participation

Leading the charge in the HDOR 100 Days of Running are key states including Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Gujarat, and Kerala. The corporate sector has also shown tremendous support with notable participation from organizations such as Indian Oil, Tata Consultancy Services, State Bank of India, Indian Army, and Indian Navy. Their involvement underscores a commitment to promoting fitness and health among employees, contributing significantly to the event’s success.

Team Participation and Group Sizes

The event has seen impressive group dynamics, with teams as large as 597 members participating. Among corporations, 50 organizations have rallied over 20 members each, while 5 have exceeded 100 members. This robust participation reflects a strong communal spirit and a collective drive towards achieving personal and group fitness goals.

Milestone Achievements

At the halfway mark, participants have collectively covered an astounding total of 2,572,377 kilometers. To put this into perspective, this distance is equivalent to approximately 64.18 rounds of the Earth or 6.69 trips to the Moon. Moreover, we are just 1,320,072 kilometers away from surpassing the total distance covered in HDOR 2023. For a grander milestone, only 1,806,623 kilometers remain to cover a round of the Sun. Over 6,000 participants have already achieved the finisher criteria of running for 40 days, underscoring their commitment and determination.

Top Performers: Groups, Cities, and Corporates

Leading Groups are உடலினை உறுதி செய் – 576,099 points, Bahadurgarh Runners – 463,513 points, RunAddicts – 397,669 points, INDIANOIL RHINOS – 361,409 points, Kalyan Dombivli Runners – 268,281 points. Top Cities are Bengaluru – 686,739 points, Chennai – 680,075 points, Vadodara – 528,942 points, Coimbatore – 515,315 points, Hyderabad – 507,759 points. Top Corporates are Indian Oil Corporation – 377,375 points, Indian Navy – 225,783 points, Aimil Ltd – 216,696 points, State Bank of India – 146,689 points, Siemens – 121,237 points

Social Media and Community Engagement

The event’s impact is reverberating across social media platforms, with an organic surge in content and engagement. The HDOR 100 Days of Running social media profiles have seen an average of over 150 Instagram posts daily and more than 80 stories on Facebook. In total, the event has accumulated over 3,000 stories on Instagram and more than 2,200 stories on Facebook, fostering a vibrant and supportive community of passionate runners.

Looking Ahead

The momentum and enthusiasm displayed in the first half of the event promise a thrilling second half filled with even greater achievements and inspiring stories of personal triumph. As participants continue their journey, the collective commitment to fitness and health remains a testament to the enduring spirit of the running community.
The HDOR 100 Days of Running continues to be a beacon of motivation and a testament to the power of collective fitness goals. Let’s keep the energy high and finish the event stronger than ever!

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