Here’s a List of Factors You Need to Consider Other than Solar Inverter Price

Here’s a List of Factors You Need to Consider Other than Solar Inverter Price

In a country like India, summers are associated with huge power cuts. The increasing electricity demand, along with uneven power distribution, leads to long hours of outrage. This has led to an increase in the backup plan for electricity generation. This is where solar inverters and solar inverter price list come into the picture.

Solar inverters are a crucial component of home solar networks that transform the direct current (DC) generated using solar photovoltaic (PV) cells into alternating current (AC). You can find numerous solar panel brands available in the market, which makes it difficult to find the right one for you. Below mentioned are the factors that you must consider other than the solar inverter price list.

Type of Solar Panel Plant

While purchasing solar inverters, you need to consider the type of solar power plant you wish to install. If you have a grid-connected PV system, you will require a grid-connected/grid-tie inverter. Similarly, for an off-grid solar system, you will have to buy an off-grid inverter. Considering the solar power plant is important as all solar inverters are designed differently and using the same inverter for all can damage the PV plant.

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Power and Load Requirements

The power and load requirements depend on the number of appliances that you want to run through solar energy. It can include televisions and air conditioners, washing machines, and printers. The load handling capacity of a solar inverter is measured in Volt Ampere (VA).

The Technology

Solar inverters are designed using the following technologies:

  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)- It is a traditional solar inverter that is a tried and tested technology.
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)- These are efficient, expensive, and new forms of solar inverter technology.

Thus, before making a purchase decision, make sure you compare both of your options thoroughly.

Additional Features

While making a purchase, apart from the solar inverter price list, you must check for the additional features offered by different solar inverters. Some of the features include fast charging, a priority setting option, UPS and ECO modes, Wi-Fi, and remote monitoring, ISOT technology, IP65 protection, pure sine wave output, a user-friendly LCD display, and much more. Also, buy an inverter with good safety features like anti-islanding protection, dual MCB protection, and overload handling.

Extended Warranty Period

Solar inverters are undoubtedly an investment; therefore, you must purchase one with an extended warranty period. The extended warranty will help to ensure that all repairs and replacements are covered by the manufacturer. The warranty period offered on these inverters can vary from one seller to another. It is best to buy one with the highest warranty period.

You must choose the right brand of solar inverters for long-term profits. You should always prefer a brand that is reliable, established, and reputable and offers high-quality and high-performance products. Before making a purchase decision, a buyer must correctly estimate his energy requirements and compare the solar inverter price list. Furthermore, you must get your hands on an inverter of slightly higher capacity than your needs, as there can be a situation of some energy losses in the system.

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