Hospitality Trends driven by AI in India

Hospitality Trends driven by AI in India

By Vimal Daga

Indian hospitality leaders and service providers are turning their attention to intelligent hotels. They use artificial intelligence to enhance the guest experience. Innovations are driven by AI in the Hospitality sector give customers the ability to interact more and feel at ease.

Post-COVID, the industry itself has considered AI to be a necessity. As the founder and CEO of LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt Ltd, Mr. Vimal Daga shares his views on the emerging future of hotels fueled by artificial intelligence and how A1 is transforming the hotel industry.

“The use of artificial intelligence by hotel chains is crucial to improving guest experiences through revenue management and automation of daily operations. This is the start of a completely new hotel experience that will reduce human error, increase efficiency, reduce expenditure, and create revenues as AI is here to stay. Many hotels in India are already reaping the benefits of technology and AI, whether in the kitchen, reservations, booking, billing, guest comfort, or overall operations..

There is not a single area of hospitality that is unaffected by AI. Many hotels A number of hotel chains in India, including the Marriott group, have launched AI-powered facial recognition technology to facilitate seamless check-ins, and The Park Inn by Radisson IP Extension has also just recently launched its Voice Assistant-enabled intelligent rooms, virtual control of lighting fixtures and TVs, and complete automation services.
A new study shows that India’s hospitality sector is on the rise, with an anticipated 15.2 percent increase by 2025 due to AI inclusion.

These 6 AI-driven hospitality trends will change the industry forever :
Hospitality sector innovation and changes in India.

Cloud Migration
As new technologies emerge to make businesses more efficient, migration to the cloud makes sense for the hospitality industry. As well as being cost-effective, cloud computing is also convenient because you can access your data from any device connected to the internet!

Admin Automation
With advancements in Artificial Intelligence, cross-linguistic contrasts can be wiped out, improving customer service for hotels using AI-based administration. Thanks to this new technology, travelers will have an amazing experience full of clarity and understanding!

Hotel Apps
Cell phone applications for hotels are the perfect place to offer these features. This cleverly designed app integrates everything from bargain alerts to inn administrations into one simple-to-use app that will fit your every need!

Social listings
Several boarding houses have turned to social listening devices to understand what their customers want in an age when information is exchanged more quickly than ever before through online surveys and the like. Hoteliers can use these tools to understand visitors’ needs, wants, preferences, and more.

Location-Based Service

Providing location-based services to visitors and staff is a great way to assist them. By
You would know exactly how to help if someone got lost on the property by providing information about where they have been or what room they were in.

Touchless experience
By going touchless, hotels can reduce the amount of contact they have with their guests. This means staff can clean more quickly and efficiently if you are staying in a room since they won’t have to worry about spreading germs around by touching surfaces like desks, etc.

In the world of hospitality, what’s next?

Adapting to customer needs is a constant in the hotel industry. In recent years, hotels and visitors have both benefited from technology, with contactless neighborliness becoming more widespread.

Since I have worked with all 500 Fortune companies in my career, I consider AI integration to be a disruptive innovation. Today’s hotel industry is ever-evolving, and with that comes innovation.

The days of just checking in are long gone; nowadays, every single point of your stay–from the front desk to room service or restaurant dining–collects data about you that can be used to improve your stay again and again.

Are we ready for a hospitality industry driven by AI in India? Traveling, staying, and experiencing?

Travel and hospitality in India are indeed going to be driven by technology and data. Customers are more likely to have an unforgettable experience when more information is available about them.

Innovations and transformations based on the technology will provide seamless experiences to all. With artificial intelligence, hotels will be able to cater to users’ needs in all aspects of their operations. It is exciting to see how India’s hospitality sector will adapt to automation and efficiency through AI, bringing a higher level of responsiveness and personalised service.

I am Vimal Daga, known as a Technologist & also a Technology Motivational Speaker, World Record Holder | TEDx Speaker | Philanthropist | Sr. Principal Consultant | Entrepreneur | Founder LW InformaticsSr. IT Consultant &
Corporate Trainer having Expertize in Latest and High-End Technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, IoT, NLP, Splunk, PingFederate, Delphix, AppDynamics, Docker, DevOps, AWS, Cloud
Computing, Big Data Analytics Dollar Universe.

Although technology has clearly expanded to encompass various fields and areas, its impact on the food sector has been especially apparent for some time now. and in the era of the pandemic, its relevance has grown exponentially, making its status highly evident as well as its future influence in this area inevitable.

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