Hospitality virtuoso Varun Mehrotra launches sales and marketing brand – ‘Khyathi’

Hospitality virtuoso Varun Mehrotra launches sales and marketing brand – ‘Khyathi’

A coming of age outsourced creative sales and marketing brand ‘Khyathi’ has been recently launched in the heart of Jaipur by the former hotelier Varun Mehrotra. Ideated on the Sanskrit concept of ‘fame’, ‘success’ and ‘glory’, Khyathi has already onboarded the luxury heritage Hotel Diggi Palace as their prima vitae client.

Khyathi assists their patrons to amplify their incremental revenues, gain a loyal customer base and market their name to become a known brand and expand their accounts. Owing to the current travel bans and lockdown, the hospitality industry has been brought to a standstill, further leading to the inability to conduct profitable business for the organization in the market. The sales and marketing sections have been unable to showcase the same amount of returns and revenue optimization along with social or brand reach maximization as before, leading to many organizations and businesses being shut down or ceased. It is in the midst of such a dire situation that Khyathi comes into the limelight. The agency, powered by the industry stalwarts, is willing to work with such businesses and turn around their entire revenue and profit module to account for veritable and beneficial business returns in coordination with the organization team. Thereafter the team provides a variety of solutions for sales and marketing including digital and social media marketing, campaign strategizing, visual content creation, revenue maximization, content marketing and strategy and brand management amongst the others.

“Our vision for Khyathi is to develop and support our client organizations to become a brand icon of success and sales growth.”- quoted Varun Mehrotra, Co-Founder of Khyathi. “In today’s date, it is essential for a company to not only come up with innovative solutions when it comes to the sales and revenue generation, but also establish a strong brand identity through its social presence. At Khyathi, each of our team members have significant hotel operation and management experience that allows them to comprehend the client’s expectations and act accordingly”, he further added.

The 150 year old heritage Hotel Diggi Palace, in the heart of the Pink City, is one of the foremost names to associate with Khyathi. The hotel is known for being the host to the renowned Jaipur Literature Festival every year. With its ubiquitous banqueting spaces and lawns and 70 luxuriously designed rooms, Diggi Palace is already a favorite for grand weddings and conventions. Now through their association with Khyathi, the hotel seeks to mark its niche across the country, potentially increasing its revenue and marketing base.

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