How to trade equities

How to  trade equities

Share India est. in year 1994 specializes in imparting knowledge for trading enthusiast. Share India runs large proprietary desk across segments – F&O, Currency, Commodity etc. It enables individuals learn framework for strategic decision making and real time trading. It provides incomparable environment and platform for traders in fields like jobbing, scalping, arbitrage etc. Share India by virtue of its size is able to provide fantastic connectivity and in-house platforms for trading.

Share India has in-house tech team to design customized products for clients. Share India specializes in jobbing, algo trading and other low latency strategies.

Merger of Mumbai based Total Securities ( in December 2019 has added to the existing skill set of the company especially in field of manual trading and jobbing.

Share India has in depth knowledge of derivatives and has continues improved on its scope and in house research to become a leading player with great command of practical trading aspect. Share India recruits experienced traders as well as continue to train new recruits in field of trading.

As a member of NSE, BSE, MCX-SX in Capital Market Segment, Share India provides exposure to the equity trading (also known as Secondary Market Operations). It is the term that refers to activity of buying and/or selling of existing equity and/or preference shares, issued by any of the listed public companies, on the platforms of one or more recognized Stock Exchange(s). By enrolling as a client with group Share India, a client may avail of the opportunity to trade on any of these Stock Exchanges.

An investor may involve himself into Equity Trading for one or more below-listed reasons

  • Generation of capital gains by making investments for a tenure exceeding one day
  • Procurement of corporate benefits like Dividends, Bonus Shares, Right Shares etc.
  • Generation of speculative gains by executing jobbing transactions i.e. the transactions which are squared-up on the same day
  • Besides others, Equity Trading has following important distinctive features
  • The possibility and quantum of gains as well as losses that may arise out of equity trading are unlimited
  • The holders of equity shares are treated as part owners of the respective companies, for all practical purposes
  • Gains arising out of shares which are held for more than 1 year as well as Dividend Incomes are absolutely tax-free
  • Gains arising out of shares, which are held for less than 1 year, are & taxed at a highly concessional rate of 15% and
  • Equity Trading can legally be done only through a SEBI registered broker/Sub-broker/Authorised Person.
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