HR TECH -YEAR ENDER QUOTE – Ms. YOGITA TULSIANI, Director and Co-founder, iXceed Solutions


As organisations prepare to enter a new fiscal year, HRs are pushing their limits to deal with the labour market’s post-Covid effects.” The year 2022, when the markets reopened completely, remained a difficult time for the recruiting industry in terms of managing, retaining, and reskilling their employees. The health and financial crises, the Great Recession, and the War for Talent are the leading causes in 2022 that shifted priorities and created new job roles at workplaces. However, in 2022, we can expect to see an increase in hiring despite layoffs and an increase in the remote work culture.

But in 2023, we will be witness to some changes in HR, like the adoption of diversity and inclusion strategies for their workplaces, the data-driven culture as a part of the new business strategy, and advancements in the HR industry like cloud-based HR processes, virtual reality in recruitment and training, AI-integrated HR analytics, and many more,” iXceed Solutions’ director and co-founder Yogita Tulsaini stated.

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