HyugaLife, an E- commerce platform Doubles Down on Women’s Wellness with Inaari

Mumbai, August 17, 2023: In the wake of a successful $5 million Pre-Series A Round fundraise, HyugaLife.com is reinforcing its commitment to women’s health through its brand, Inaari, unveiling the substantial potential within the women’s health space.

Inaari, founded by Rashmi Putcha, a Certified Hormonal Health Coach, addresses a significant gap in women’s health support. Its meticulously crafted product range caters to women’s well-being from puberty to menopause, addressing essential concerns such as period care, PCOS/PCOD, fertility, and menopause support.

Men and women exhibit distinct hormonal patterns. Men’s hormonal cycle spans 24 hours, while women’s bodies operate on an approximately 28-day cycle. Despite this, women often adopt lifestyles that align with men’s routines, raising the question of whether women receive healthcare tailored to their distinct biology and well-being requirements.

Rashmi Putcha, the founder of Inaari, shared her perspective, “Inaari’s health supplements are designed specifically for women. Since our launch, we’ve witnessed remarkable transformations. We’ve had women share their stories of overcoming PCOS-related challenges, achieving regular menstrual cycles, and finding newfound confidence in their bodies. These are the stories that fuel our purpose – to empower and uplift women by providing them with holistic wellness solutions”.

In India, there’s a clear void in addressing the concerns of women dealing with hormonal imbalances. Startling statistics reveal that 1 in 5 women contend with hormonal challenges like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). These facts underscore the crucial role of brands like Inaari.

Backed by Peak XV’s Surge (formerly Sequoia) and Early Spring, HyugaLife.com’s strategic focus on the women’s health landscape resonates perfectly with Inaari’s mission.

Sachin Parikh, founder of HyugaLife.com, echoes the sentiment, “We firmly stand behind Inaari’s mission of empowering women through health. Women are integral to any economy, and it’s high time they no longer have to fit into a world primarily designed for men”.

Inaari retails its supplements through e-commerce platforms like HyugaLife.com, Amazon and Flipkart.

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