IIM Rohtak co-hosts International Conference with Academy for Global Business Advancement at Dubai

IIM Rohtak co-hosts International Conference with Academy for Global Business Advancement at DubaiDubai, 23rd, May 2023: The nineteenth World Congress of the Academy for Global Business Advancement (AGBA) was held in Dubai from 20th -22nd May 2023. Researchers 32 countries presented more than 250 papers at the conference with the theme “Business and Entrepreneurship Development in a Globalized and Digitalized Era”. This included delegates from countries like the USA, India, Indonesia, UAE, Afghanistan, Thailand, Kenya, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Qatar, Bangladesh, Finland, Vietnam, Pakistan, Malaysia, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, South Africa, Egypt, New Zealand, Uganda, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, UK, Oman, and Nigeria, among various other nations.

The conference had the presence of eminent speakers like Shri V Muraleedharan, Hon’ble Minister of State, Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India, H. E. Dr. Aman Puri, Consulate General of India in Dubai, Mr. Manjeev Puri, Former Ambassador, among various other academicians and dignitaries from across the world.

Guest of Honour at the conference, Shri V Muraleedharan, Hon’ble Minister of State, Ministry of External Affairs, in his keynote address, it is an undisputable fact that we have witnessed challenges that have fundamentally changed the world. He emphasized the role of India during COVID. India provided millions of vaccines to more than 100 countries. He talked about regional cooperation as the cornerstone of global stability. He talked about India’s journey during Amritkal starting an era of transformation. In next twenty-five years, India will remain one of the fastest-growing economies thriving on the entrepreneurial proclivity of Indian youth. He said that India’s G20 presidency has been very important. One Family one future is the theme for G20. Unity, inclusivity, and decisive action are key areas that India focused during her G20 vpresidency. He said that the voice of the global south summit, chaired by Hon PM Sh Narendra Modi highlighted unity of voice and unity of purpose. He also highlighted that during Indian presidency of G20 participation of African nations was the highest.

Prof. Dheeraj Sharma, Director, Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak while addressing the scholars, academicians, and business community of Dubai talked about that management scholars from around the world need to examine relevant, pertinent, and timely problems such as the food grain crisis which is due to Russia Ukraine conflict. Management scholars should look at alternative trade routes for global business and look at how to smoothen the global supply chain. Prof Sharma emphasized the role of regional linkages on global relations between nations.

Prof Sharma also talked about the Indian G20 presidency which has now created how amongst all developing countries to have an achievement orientation and learning that they can do it too. G20 presidency has been a success because nations now have demonstrated willingness to share not based on power but based on need. Indian presidency of G20 has created an optimal balance between de jure and de-facto powered global institutions.

The conference also had two major panel discussions. The first panel discussion had the theme, “The role of G20 in creating global economic stability”. The panel was chaired by Prof. Dheeraj Sharma and had eminent panelists such as Dr. Manjeev Puri, former ambassador of India to European Union, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Nepal, Prof. Tatiana Karabchuk, Associate Professor, UAE University and Dr. Maysaa Banat, Assistant Professor, Rafik Hariri University. The panel also discussed in detail the G20: India’s leadership as a host: Challenges and opportunities.

Mr. Manjeev Puri said, about the three game-changing issues, which included how people recovered from the pandemic and its impact on the world recession, sustainable development, climate change, and poly-crises.

Prof. Tatiana said, “If G20 looked at facilitating growth and addressing economic balance, the best strategy is to create conditions like Social Cohesion, which is important for sustainable development and growth.

Dr. Maysaa emphasized the importance of the extraordinary power of global language and diplomatic communication as a transformative force for economic stability and how G20 can harness this power to shape o brighter power for all. She emphasized how diplomatic communication in G20 recent times has helped alleviate crisis.

Prof. Dheeraj Sharma finally said that India has contributed to global business by producing top-class business leaders who are heading some of the largest global corporations. The conference body came to a consensus that India will have to play a significant and active role in managing rising global conflicts through traditional Indian wisdom.

The topic for the second-panel discussion was “Regional cooperation for strengthening global linkages in the VUCA world”. The panelists included Prof. Glenn Muschert, Professor at Khalifa University of Science & Technology, Prof. Melodena Stephens, Professor of Innovation at Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government, and Prof. Maxime Jaffre, Assistant Professor, UAE University. Prof. Dheeraj Sharma chaired the panel.

Prof. Muschert said that regional corporations play an important role in knowledge exchange in the VUCA world, where change is only constant. Further, he added that regional corporation is not a choice but a necessity.

Prof. Stephens said, “that trade cross borders because people cross borders as we have unified the world through currencies.”

Prof. Jaffre emphasized the “PLACE,” which creates global ties and helps to strengthen regional corporations through culture by creating an ecosystem of different corporations.

Prof. Sharma finally concluded the discussion by stating that the research agenda for future researchers is set now and we must find ways to have a paradigmatic shift from a push economy to a pull economy by thwarting the MNCs from pushing unnecessary, low-value, wasteful, and polluting products. We must recognize the usefulness of the Indian way of life in saving the world from climate change and pollution. He reiterated the need for greater understanding amongst people of the world to cooperate not due to power but on the basis of need.

The conference also had several Faculty Development Workshops on various topics related to research on business and entrepreneurship development. Wide varieties of research papers were presented over a three days conferences on topics like innovation management, IT capabilities, healthcare, cyber security, consumer behavior, and sustainability, among others.

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