India’s Biggest Parenting Platform, MomJunction to Rekindle the Art of Storytelling with Amazon Alexa

India’s Biggest Parenting Platform, MomJunction to Rekindle the Art of Storytelling with Amazon Alexa

National, 19th October, 2021: MomJunction, India’s largest parenting website, announced that its collection of stories for children will now be available for parents to access across the country via Amazon Alexa. With this added feature, MomJunction hopes to rekindle the art of storytelling in the contemporary world and inspire children to dive into the world of magic, wonder, and imagination through stories in vernacular languages. These stories are exclusively available in Hindi and will be available in English soon.

Currently, stories available on the platform include folktales related to animals and popular historical characters like Birbal and Tenali Raman. To get started in any Alexa-enabled device, one can ask by saying- “Alexa, lion ki story sunaiye”, “Alexa, chuhe aur billi ki kahani sunaiye”, “Alexa, sleeping beauty ki story sunaiye”, “Alexa, Tenali Raman ki kahani sunaiye” etc.

Momjunction powered stories are available in Hindi on all Alexa-enabled devices and on the free Alexa app for smartphones.

The idea behind these stories is to promote and stimulate imagination, creativity, helping build vocabulary and instill a sense of magic in kids. The mental adaptations of the characters from the online storytelling sessions will help a child boost their creative skills. This will also provide an alternate option for parents to dispense an outlet to reduce screen time for children who are grappling with homeschooling and isolation. These stories will be for children across all age groups, from Kindergarten to 12th grade.

Ms. Natasha Garyali, VP, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at MomJunction, said, “Listening to stories on Alexa can be immersive, educational, instructional, as well as entertaining. Our selection of stories is thought-provoking and stimulates a child’s imagination. Besides imparting knowledge, they also rekindle the spirit of reading among modern-day children, helping them focus and enhance their concentration abilities. We aim to make stories by MomJunction available across diverse topics to encourage the art of listening among children.”

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