iVOOMi Energy Unveils Ultra-Modern Facility To Ramp Up Its Production Capacity

iVOOMi Energy Unveils Ultra-Modern Facility To Ramp Up Its Production CapacityNew Delhi, September 5th, 2023: Ushering in a new era of growth and innovation, iVOOMi Energy, India’s fastest-growing OEM, focussed on strategic engineering has unveiled a new 2-acre manufacturing facility at Chakan, Pune with an impressive annual production capacity of 200,000 vehicles per year with a key focus on Deep Battery and Vehicle Technology.

The ultra-modern facility echoes the company’s dedication to unprecedented engineered innovation, sustainability, and cutting-edge product development.

Previously, iVOOMi invested INR 200 crores towards product development, garnering necessary certifications, building team & infrastructure, and for channel expansion. This strategic investment also facilitated the company in establishing three manufacturing plants that are fully operational and capable of addressing varied market demands and the company’s next level of growth.

”Our new 2-acrefacilityis the 3rd plant within theiVOOMiecosystem and is equipped with machinery and tools that meet the global standards and seamlessly integrate into our existingproductionframework. This will enable us to give sustained and effective engineering solutions and Products to our customers,” said Mr. Ashwin Bhandari, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), ofiVOOMi. 

“Furthermore, its impressive annual production capacity complements our objective of setting new benchmarks in the electric mobility landscape. As the electric mobility revolution gains momentum, iVOOMi Energy is future-ready to make sustainable and efficient transportation accessible to everyone,” he further added

Prior to this, the company leveraged two facilities, each spanning 1 hectare and accommodating various departments and production processes under one roof. Since its inception, iVOOMi has worked diligently on product validation and technological advancements, leading to the successful development and certification of two high-speed electric 2-wheelers, with a third offering expected to join the portfolio soon.

Recognized for its competitive and visionary approach, iVOOMi’s highly proficient engineering team is the key driver of its unparalleled growth journey. The team’s recent accomplishments include battery testing for IP68 Certified Battery and IP67 deployment, cloud technology development, and inclusion of cost-effective and meaningful engineering into different products like iVOOMi S1 2.0, etc. The company has also carved a distinctive niche in offering highly advanced and connected EV scooters for the masses.

Besides functioning as a production hub, the new facility symbolizes a fusion of disruptive technology and a firm commitment to fostering a greener tomorrow.


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