Japan Career Promotion Forum INDIA 2023

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) organized a webinar ‘Japan Career Promotion Forum INDIA 2023’ on 28th June 2023, focusing on Indian students aiming to build their careers in Japanese companies in Japan or India.


JETRO is working towards attracting foreign talent to work in Japan. Every year, we support more than 300 Japanese companies for their recruiting process. We have a dedicated online JOB SEARCH PORTAL. Please visit this link for more information – https://www.jetro.go.jp/en/hrportal/

Agenda of Japan Career Promotion Forum INDIA 2023

It is a webinar focused on Indian students aiming to build their careers in Japanese companies in Japan or India.

The webinar will introduced various career opportunities and working environment in Japan, business scenario and the trend of global talent acquisition. It also featured presentations from companies that are utilizing Indian talents for their international business, Bilateral Relations between India and Japan, and Japan’s Immigration Policy, Voices of Indian professionals living in Japan and JETRO’s support for international talent (“Open For Professionals”)


Date: Wednesday, 28th June 2023, Time: 16:00-17:10 (IST), Online

Participants and Supporting Organizations

This initiative had 7400 students registering for the event.And around 4500 viewers. We also reached out to more than 45 universities across India to encourage and inform students about this exciting opportunity. And it supported by Embassy of Japan, Embassy of India, Japan Foundation, JICA, AOTS, Japan National Tourism Organization.

Additionally, the Ambassador of India to Japan Ambassador Sibi George and the Ambassador of Japan to India, Ambassador Hiroshi Suzuki, and Chief Director General, JETRO New Delhi, Mr.Takashi SUZUKI also participated.

Ambassador of Japan to India, Ambassador Hiroshi Suzuki


 Ambassador of Japan to India, Ambassador Hiroshi Suzuki

Our countries are bonded by special partnership which is both global and strategic. Prime Minister Kishida visited New Delhi in March and PM Modi visited Hiroshima for G7 Summit in both these meetings, the two leaders confirmed, that it is critically important to strengthen people to people exchange. Since India and Japan are like brother countries, I would like see talented Indian people to go to Japan and work there and Japanese professionals to come to India and work.

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Ambassador of India to Japan Ambassador Sibi George 
In India’s highly skilled and educated youth provides a ready and capable work force to engage in highly technical jobs at R&D. Partnership of human resource is welcome under the ongoing India-Japan digital partnership. It will also help in enhancing the digital economy through promotion of joint projects for digital transformation and to provide opportunities for Indian IT professionals to work in Japan and Japanese companies and collaborations in the area of IOT, AI and other emerging technologies.
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Talk session with Indian Professionals working in Japan 

The session was moderated by Swastik Kulkarni from JETRO, Headquarters, Tokyo. During the sessions the professionals talked about the challenges they face in their daily lives and how they overcome the challenges, also their inclination towards learning the language and reasons to move to Japan, etc. One of the participants said that he can’t speak Japanese but is still able to survive in Japan, however, other participants said that it helps if you learn the language as Indians, in general, have a linguistic learning mindset. 

Embassy of Japan, Embassy of India, Japan Foundation, JICA, AOTS, Japan National Tourism Organization

Chief Director General, JETRO New Delhi, Mr.Takashi SUZUKI

He gave a brief presentation about India -Japan economic relations. He started the speech by saying that he loves India. Also briefly explained current Japanese businesses in India and Japanese investment in India. He said that the average amount of Japanese investment in India, for ten years is 2.4 billion US $ Per year. He also mentioned that the Japanese companies in India have the world’s no.1 appetite for business expansion. Also, he gave some very interesting insights on seizing Japan’s unique opportunities and navigating a unique landscape. This session included Japan’s technologies and innovations, Japanese SMEs, and start-ups. How to build and utilize professional networks in Japan by attending networking events by industry associations and how to embrace Japanese culture by attending various local events and interacting with local people in Japan can help in surviving in Japan. Also to try Japanese content like anime and manga and lastly if anyone is going to Tokyo to work in Japan, please go visit JETRO, headquarters in Japan. 

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